Walter Hayes Trophy Meeting, Nov 4-5
The BRDC Secretary's Challenge Race

Photography by David Lord, Mike Hoyer & Peter May

Rob Barff asked David Lord If He Had Any DSC Stickers.. This Was The Result, On Barffy's FFord, For The Walter Hayes Trophy Event
Shorty - Last Time In A Radical?
David Leslie, Martin Short And Earl Goddard Started From The Pit Lane, A Lap Behind The Rest (Leslie Set Off 15 Seconds Ahead Of The Other Two)

On The Grid
Warm Up Lap - Before The Three Prototypes Ducked Into The Pit Lane. That's Frank Sytner's Lola T70, Heading For Third Place
And Again

The Chase Is On. "Martin's A Crafty Bastard," Comments Fred Goddard. "He Made Sure He Was Ahead Of Earl In The Pitlane, Even Though He Was In The Faster Car."
Familiar Sticker
Earl Goddard - Much Talent, Too lIttle Used

Cold Day - Quicker & Quicker As The Tyres Warmed Up - Into The 51s Round Silverstone Club
52s For The Reynard
"I Don't Know How Earl Can See Out Of The Car, Sitting As Low As He Does," Says His Father

Two Radicals - And An MGB

Prototypes Sweeping Through The Field

The Winner - First Win For A Radical SR9
1-2-3 - left To Right, Goddard, Short And Sytner
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