2006 Quiz Part 4
The Last Part - 25 written questions.

If you're going to have a stab at this year's quiz, you should have four separate sections (People, Circuits, Cars and now these Written Questions), with your answers for each numbered 1 - 25.

E-mail graham@dailysportscar.com by 17:00 GMT on January 2 with your 100 answers (or as many as you can manage).

1. On how many occasions in 2006 has an LMP2 car won a race overall against LMP1 / LMP900 opposition?

2. And how many times has a GT1 car achieved the same feat in 2006?

3. Which drivers have driven more than one different type of LMP1 car during 2006?

4. Which seven drivers had a mixed season of GT1 and LMP racing?

5. How many race or class wins did Panoz manage in 2007?

6. Which two LMP teams changed engine supplier mid–season?

7. And which team changed chassis after the start of the season and then changed back again?

8. Name the seven LMP1 chassis (makes) that made their competition debut in 2006.

9. Which individual car competed in two different classes in the same championship in 2006?

10. How many different makes competed in SRO-promoted GT3 championships in 2006?

11. And how many different GT3 makes scored a class win in SRO-promoted races?

12. How many different V10-engined cars won international sportscar races in 2006?

13. Chevrolet Corvettes won races or class wins in which sportscar championships in 2006?

14. And which series featured race starts from Mosler MT900Rs?

15. How many different makes of DP chassis took race wins in 2006?

16. Which series other than Grand-Am saw a class win for a Riley built chassis?

17. Which two series saw Lamborghinis take a class win?

18. Which three series saw a Lister take to the grid?

19. Which make won one championship but failed to turn up in another?

20. How many different drivers raced a Risi Ferrari in 2006?

21. Which two GT1 teams started their season with a two car entry but started their second race with just one?

22. The Audi R10 had a 100% winning record in 2006. Which two other cars fell just one race short of the same record?

23. Which team fielded entries in races in five major championships in 2006?

24. Which six men had overall podium finishes in two 24 hour races this season?

25. And which other two men were the only ones to score a pair of class wins in 24 hour races this season?


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