Merry Christmas Everyone
We normally work right up to and including Christmas Eve, but with the big day on a Monday, perhaps Saturday will be our last day before the break? But the way the news has been flowing in during pre-Christmas week, perhaps (although unlikely) Sunday will be just as busy?

For now though, it just remains for us to wish you a very merry Christmas – and to thank you all. Whether you’re a driver, a participant in some way, one of our great team of contributors or one of our genuine readers – thank you, for your enthusiasm for what we believe is the best kind of racing.

A special thank you goes to that great band of people who help bring you the news: you know who you are, and we hope you know how much we appreciate what you do. It’s been so intensive here, even in the last week before Christmas, that the Editor has failed miserably to send out as many cards as he should have, but here’s a selection (below) of those that have been kindly despatched to dsc HQ. A special thank you to you all for your good wishes, and have a fabulous 2007. We think it’s going to be a very good year.

PS. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here, with some significant changes due in January. We have noticed though that the reminder system (to warn you when your subscription is about to expire) may not be foolproof – so do e-mail us if you find your access suddenly stops. In all probability it’s because your year is up… although if you’ve borrowed someone else’s access to look at the site, we do have a system coming that will gently (firmly?) persuade you that you really ought to have your own access. Perhaps it would be simpler to just sign up yourself now?


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