Race Car Live! - Lola and Radical
While dsc is always interested in the road car end of sportscar manufacturers’ product ranges, it is always good to catch up with progress among the small prototypes too.

Race Car Live! gave us the opportunity to chat to both Lola and Radical personnel about how their club racing programmes are progressing.

Lola first, and the new for 2006 B07/90 Sports 2000 racer was on display - the first all-new Lola Sports 2000 design for 17 years – now complete with a new blue and yellow colour scheme, and pedalled on track by Lola Heritage’s Glyn Jones.

Also on parade was Lola’s PR guru Sam Smith (right).

“There’s been a lot of interest since we first raced the car, Nigel Greensall having taken it to a race win on its debut last month (below). There’s CN class, Britsports and VdeV versions on the way and we’re looking at trackday spec. orders too.”

"We expect to seal three deposits for B07/90s within the week. We will have another test at Donington on November 16 and serious parties should contact myself on ssmith@lolacars.com " Or find more details at www.lolacars.com

Lola's desciption of the new machine begins thus: The all-new Lola B07/90 Sports 2000 is Lola’s first design for a category it helped create – and came to dominate – in over a decade. The recent revitalisation of the class has prompted Lola’s return with a chassis embodying the company’s strength in both traditional and state-of-the art race car construction.

Back at the Huntingdon ranch, the Lola T70 continuation production line has been slightly delayed, with difficulties being found in sourcing key components for the new-build version of the 1960s classic.

“It’s been a slower process than we’d hoped, components like brake calipers were a real problem to get in the quantities we needed, so we have ended up making them in-house. We’ll be delivering all five of the new cars to their new owners from February.”

Just a few garages down, Phil Abbott and his merry men from Peterborough were doing a similarly roaring trade amongst the clubman racers.

“At the last race of the season we saw stronger interest from competitors in new and uprated cars than we have ever seen before, and we’re very busy here today as well,” said Abbott - hard at work with advice, below.

The fleet of demonstration vehicles on display included SR3, SR4 and V8 powered SR8 racers with Abbott himself among the driving squad in his own SR8.

Also on parade was none other than ALMS Radical SR9 racer Ben Devlin. He was out displaying the abilities of the SR3 Turbo to a number of prospective customers and was doing it very quickly indeed – and he was still abuzz after his excellent run at Laguna Seca:

“The (van der Steur) team was really pleased with the way the car performed and there’s a lot more to come next season. I can’t wait!”

Ben Devlin holding off the Porsche RS Spyders – for the class lead - was a highlight of the LMP2 race in California: they did get by, but Ben Devlin didn’t make it easy for them.

Patience Ben – it will soon be March and Sebring, although that event, and the 11 other ALMS races, can’t come soon enough for this racing driver. For the meantime though, he was giving potential Radical buyers a demonstration of his prowess, then switching seats to see how the budding racer performed. It was a treat to be out on track in the passenger seat of a road-based racer and watch the prototypes sweep by.


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