Britcar In 2007 – “We’re Going Full-Bore Now”
Those are the words of James Tucker, as he announces some significant changes for the 2007 EERC Season

The Classes
”As you know we’ve got full championship status for Britcar, Production S1 and Britsports next year,” begins James Tucker. “The rules have now been written, and as you’ll have been anticipating, we’re introducing weight and power breaks in each of the two Britcar Classes.”

The two classes are GT Cup and GT3, and a sliding scale will apply as follows:

GT Cup
1180 kg (with driver) 292 bhp
1230 kg 319 bhp
1280 kg 346 bhp
1330 kg 359 bhp
1380 kg 373 bhp.

1180 kg 437 bhp
1230 kg 474 bhp
1280 kg 493 bhp
1330 kg 511 bhp
1380 kg 530 bhp.

These are the maximum bhp figures in each weight category. The ‘miltipier figures’ for the two classes are 3.7 (divide weight by 3.7 to find power figure) for GT Cup and 2.7 for GT3.

“This lets all the big cars into GT3 (Falcons, GT3 Aston Martins, V8 Stars, Monaros, Moslers etc.) to race against the lighter GT3 cars, while in GT Cup, the Marcos, the Prosports and the smaller (less powerful) BMWs can take on the Porsches etc.” explains James Tucker.

Policing The Cars
The horsepower will be policed by a system of ‘black boxes’, with each car carrying one. They’re modestly priced at £320, and Tucker promises to buy them back if a team leaves the series (championship!).

“Satellite navigation picks up each signal using GPS, and the box measures time and distance, which will give us a figure for horsepower. The boxes will level the playing field and tell us exactly what is happening.”

The boxes will be used in Production S1 and Britsports too.

“We’ve been working on this for over a year – with Dick van Elk at the Dutch Supercar Challenge: his cars will run to identical weight and horsepower bands as our Britcars, so the DSCs could run in our races absolutely fairly.

“Because the weights have been worked out carefully, there’s no logical advantage in going for more power, so we should be encouraging less stress on engines, and controlling / reducing costs.

“The regs. will be on our website next week.”

PS1 & Britsports
There will be two classes in Production S1 and three in Britsports – up to 3.5 litre LMP2s, two litre ‘CN’ cars and motorcycle-engined cars in Britsports, for example.

”We’ll be testing the black boxes at Brands Hatch on November 18 (the second of that month’s night races).”

The first of those is at Donington Park on November 4, and James Tucker has "35 or 36" entries lined up for that one. That will be a two and a half hour race, preceded (immediately) by qualifying.

”We’ll have our final calendar next week: you’ll see that we’ve secured some quite serious support races for our championships.”

Each of Britcar, PS1 and Britsports will have a pair of road cars as prizes for the (overall) winning drivers – so that’s two Saab cabriolets for Britcar, two for PS1 and two for Britsports.

“The winning drivers and their families can use them for a year, with all expenses paid apart from fuel and insurance.” They’ll be ‘liveried up’ with all the logos of the championship sponsors.

Point will be awarded 20-19-18-17-16-15 etc., with one more for the fastest qualifier in each class and one for the fastest race lap.

The Britcar 24 Hours
(sub-heading – “Wings & Wheels”)
”We’ll have a full-blown airshow as well as the Britcar 24 and all the support races,” outlines JT, “and the event will be promoted and marketed by ourselves, not by Silverstone as in previous years. A large sponsor is being sought, and I’m convinced that this is going to be a major event in the sporting calendar of this country.”

The airshow will be celebrating 100 years of Brooklands. Put September 6-9 in your diaries now.

Long Term
”Do you see what the VdeV is doing, with its four, six and 12 hour races?” asks James Tucker. “That’s where we should be heading in the future.

“We’re running a four hour race at Spa again next year – for Britcar and PS1 combined. A one day meeting – that keeps the costs down. We’d like to do that in the UK, say at Snetterton. We’re heading towards proper endurance races – we are the European Endurance Racing Club after all: let’s give the drivers more seat time!” And the spectators longer races, not shorter ones.”

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