VdeV At Magny-Cours This Weekend
The main race at the French track this weekend is the 12 hour race, starting at 14.00 on Saturday afternoon, October 28.

There's a huge grid (below) of prototypes and GTs, including some very familiar names. Not on the official list yet is one Thomas Erdos, who's partnering Simon Phillips and Rob Garofall in the former's Norma.

Notice that Nigel Greensall pops up twice, we've got Saulnier Racing, Le Mans veteran Max Cohen-Olivar, Philipe Hesnault, Eric Helary, Frank Hahn, Philippe Haezebrouck and a bunch of other prototype and GT racers - all looking to get in as many miles as possible before winter takes over.

This is the field getting underway at Ledenon a few weeks ago.

There's a full programme of events throughout the weekend.

Saturday October 28
09h15-09h40 : Course 1 Sprint Berline 25’
10h40-11h10 : Course 1 F3 Classic 30’
11h25-11h50 : Course 1 Sprint Proto 25’
13h15 : Procédure de départ Endurance Moderne 45’
14h00-02h00 : Course Endurance Moderne 720’

Sunday October 29
09h30-09h50 : Course 1 Mit’Jet A 18’
10h10-10h35 : Course 2 Sprint Berline 25’
10h55-11h15 : Course 1 Mit’Jet B 18’
13h15-13h35 : Course 2 Mit’Jet A 18’
13h50-14h20 : Course 2 F3 Classic 30’
14h35-15h00 : Course 2 Sprint Proto 25’
15h55-16h15 : Course 2 Mit’Jet B 18’

Magny-Cours 12 Hours Entry
1 M01 GREENSALL Nigel Norma M20 evo CN 2005 GREENSALL Nigel (GB) COLEMAN Jonathan (GB
2 M02 TARDIF Jean-Pierre Norma M20 evo CN 2005 TARDIF Jean-Pierre (F) MOTHE Jean-Pierre (F)
3 M04 GREENSALL Nigel Ligier JS 49 CN 2006 TRUE Richard (GB) DORAN Paul (GB)
6 M07 LLOYD Allen Norma M20 evo CN 2005 LLOYD Allen (GB) WAINWRIGHT Gerry (GB) WAINWRIGHT Robert (GB)
7 M09 CHAUMIER Patrick BMW Z3 GT 4 1999 JACQUES Jean-Marc (F) DESLANDES Lionel (F) TBA
8 M11 VAN DE VYVER Eric Touring Cup Silhouette 2005 VAN DE VYVER Eric (F) DECHARNE Philippe (F)
9 M14 MOREAU Bernard Porsche 996 Cup GT 3 2004 MOREAU Bernard (F) LANGIN Miguel (F)
10 M15 DA ROCHA Frédéric Norma M20 evo CN 2006 DA ROCHA Frédéric (F) IBANEZ Frédéric (F) CAVAILLES W.
11 M16 KOHLER Damien Porsche 996 Cup GT 3 2004 KOHLER Damien (F) DEPAGNEUX Richard (F) HUGENHOLTZ Hans
12 M17 BAILLET Christophe Norma M20 Evo CN 2005 BAILLET Christophe (F) HERBETH Jean-Louis (F) GLATH Jean-Pierre (F)
13 M19 ROUSSEL Patrice Norma M20 evo CN 2005 COHEN-OLIVAR Max (F) MONDOLOT Philippe (F)
14 M20 ROUSSEL Patrice Norma M20 evo CN 2005 SALINI Philippe (F) SALINI Stéphane (F)
15 M21 MUNIER Norma M20 evo CN 2005 PETITGAS Pierre (F) TIRONNEAU Bernard (F) MUNIER Philippe (F)
16 M23 MARDLIN Adrian Juno SSE CN 2005 MARDLIN Adrian (GB) CROYDON Rob (GB)
17 M26 AREZINA Bob Norma M20 evo CN 2006 AREZINA Bob (F) ROUEDE Eric (F)
18 M27 METZ Jean Norma M20 evo CN 2005 METZ Jean (F) METZ Jean-Christophe (F)
20 M29 VIDAL Philippe Norma M20 evo CN 2005 VIDAL Philippe (F) VIDAL Jérémy (F)
21 M31 HAUCHARD Rodolphe Merlin MP23 CN 2003 HAUCHARD Rodolphe PORTA Olivier NURY Dominique
22 M32 CASEY Brian Radical SR 3 C3 2004 HOLDICH Tony (GB) CASEY Brian (GB)
23 M33 CASSOTTI Bruce Merlin MP23 CN 2005 CASSOTTI Bruce (F) JALAIS Pascal (F)
24 M34 MCKEVER Ally Ligier JS 49 CN 2006 MCKEVER Ally WILSON Bryce
25 M35 LEVY Jean-Charles Porsche 996 Cup GT 3 2003 LEVY Jean-Charles (F) LEVY Philippe (F) MITIEUS Michel (F)
26 M36 PHILLIPS Simon Norma M20 Evo CN 2005 PHILLIPS Simon (GB) GAROFALL Rob (GB) ERDOS Tommy(BR)
27 M37 PAGNY Jean-Paul Porsche 996 RSR GT 2 2004 PAGNY Jean-Paul (F) BENOIST Pierre (F)
28 M41 DANJOU Philippe Norma M 20 Evo CN 2005 TISSANDIER Philippe (F) EMERIC Jean-Baptiste (F) TBA
29 M44 LOUAIL Marc Merlin MP23 CN 2005 LOUAIL Marc (F) GEORGET Anthony (F)
30 M45 SNAIDERO Mario Norma M20 evo CN 2005 SNAIDERO Mario (F) VASSORT Christophe (F)
31 M46 GROSSETETE Fanck Megane RS Tourisme 2005 GROSSETETE Franck (F) GEHIN Philippe (F) PORCHER Christophe (F)
32 M48 SCHELL Julien Norma M20 evo CN 2005 SCHELL Julien (F) WURTZ Rémy (F)
33 M49 LE CALVEZ Yann Radical SR 3 C3 2003 LE CALVEZ Yann (F) DEMAN Loic (B)
34 M50 MORA Michel Ligier JS 49 CN 2006 MORA Michel (F) MANGANARO Massimo
35 M55 VASSAL Christian Norma M20 evo CN 2005 VASSAL Christian (F) VASSAL Michel (F)
36 M58 DELBB Alexi Ligier JS49 CN 2005 DESPREZ François (F) DELB Alexis (F)
37 M61 D'AUBREBY Patrick Ligier JS49 CN 2005 TBA TBA
38 M63 ROOS Franck Norma M 20 evo CN 2007 ROOS Frank (NL) ROELSE Harald LANGFERMANN Heinrich (GB)
39 M64 VINCENOT Eric Porsche 993 RS GT 4 1995 VINCENOT Eric (F) BACHELIER Jean-Marc (F)
40 M65 MICHEL Jean-Pierre Porsche 993 Cup GT 4 1997 MICHEL Thomas (F) MICHEL Maxime (F) MICHEL Jean-Pierre (F)
41 M69 THIRION Philippe Norma M20 Evo CN 2005 THIRION Philippe (F) MOURGUES Denis (F)
42 M71 GIAVEDONI Alain Radical SR 3 C3 2004 GIAVEDONI Alain (F) DORNEAU-GOURMELON Eric (F)
43 M75 PERRIER Thierry Porsche 996 RSR GT 2 2005 HESNAULT Philippe (F) RICHARD Jean-Paul (F)
44 M76 YSCHARD Philippe Norma M 20 evo CN 2005 YSCHARD Philippe (F) ANCELET Patrick (F)
45 M80 BRYAN Argo JM 19 C2 1988 BRYAN Richard (USA) BRYAN Benton (USA) STOTT Phil (GB)
46 M81 NICOLET Jacques Ligier JS49 CN 2006 NICOLET Jacques (F) FILHOL Alain (F)
47 M82 ULLMANN Philippe BMW Z3 GT 4 2003 DEMIGNEUX Michel (F) DEMIGNEUX Christian (F)
48 M83 ULLMANN Philippe BMW Z3 GT 4 2003 ULLMANN Philippe (F) ULMANN Philippe
49 M84 RUFFIER Jean-Claude Viper C82 GT2 2005 SCEMAMA Michel (CH) SCEMAMA Yves (CH) SCEMAMA Philippe (CH)
50 M85 RUFFIER Jean-Claude Viper C85 GT2 2005 MILOE Jean-Louis (F) HELARY Eric (F)
51 M89 BIANCHINA Jean-Louis Ligier JS49 CN 2005 PAPIN Philippe (F) MOREAU Laurent (F)
52 M90 CLAIRAY Joël Porsche 964 Cup GT 4 1992 CLAIRAY Joël (F) DAPOLLO Pascal (F)
53 M91 BIANCHINA Jean-Louis Ligier JS49 CN 2005 BIANCHINA Jean-Louis (F) TBA
54 M93 ORTION Didier Porsche 996 Cup GT3 2002 ORTION Didier (F)
55 M99 G FORCE RACING Norma M20 CN 2005 HAHN Franck (B) JACOBS Carl (B) HAEZEBROUCK Philippe


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