Good-Bye TVR – From These Shores Anyway
But AC Introduces A 'New' Model

TVR has already created a website perhaps now it will create - because the Blackpool-based company, which was in negotiations to move elsewhere within the town, is going to close its doors, with the loss of 260 jobs. Here's that last Cerbera, in 'scintillating white', among the weeds and graffiti... It didn't reach its reserve.

TVRs will still be built though, but in Europe – presumably in Eastern Europe, where they are likely to have all the charisma of a Skoda (very good cars, and extremely reliable).

“We are extremely sorry that, after a period of uncertainty and raised hopes, that we could (not) continue production ourselves in Blackpool, we have had to make this decision,” said Nikolai Smolenski, the Russian-born TVR owner.

Powertrains will still be built in the UK though.

Consultation has begun with staff and the Transport & General Workers Union on redundancy, and counselling support is being put in place.

TVR plans to continue with all current arrangements for the supply of cars and parts. Discussions are being held with key suppliers about future relationships.

“We are acutely aware of the shock and distress this will cause for our staff and their families,” continued Smolenski. “We will ensure that we meet all our responsibilities towards them over the coming months. We shall be making further announcements in due course about our plans, which we believe represent a major advance for the proud name of TVR.”

ACs To Be Made In Wales
Contrasting neatly with the TVR news, AC is back in the UK – with a target of producing 8,000 new sports cars every year, in Wales.

The current AC MkV is being produced in Malta.

MG was rumoured to be developing the Smart car, production of which ended last year, but AC has taken it on, and the likes of Gordon Murray and John Piper are involved.

The revised car will be manufactured as a roadster and a coupe, and fitted with a different engine and gearbox to the original. The styling will be different from the original too.

Production should commence in 2007. This is the original design.


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