GT Open Valencia - Race 1

Qualifying 1:
Andrea Montermini clinched pole position for Race One in the #4 GPC Sport Ferrari 430 but his time of 1.36.668 was just 4 thousandths faster than the Bengala Mosler of Aicart.

Row two was also a Ferrari-Mosler mix with the Edil Cris 430 of Ruberti edging out the Motor Competición MT900 of Gutiérrez.

The first 8 cars were timed within a single second.

Belicchi wons the family contest among the Racing Box Vipers whilst pole in GTB was claimed by Spanish ever-green legend Kuru Villacieros in the González Camino 430.

Forty-eight cars took part in the session, with only the Cetea Ferrari 360 Ch. (Lloveras-Izquierdo) left in the pits and unable to take part. There were two “no-shows” among the 51 entrants: Sadly one of those was the #3 Drivex Porsche GT3 RS which Warren Hughes was due to drive whilst the Noel del Bello #18 Porsche GT3 also failed to appear.

Handicaps Race 1
In addition to the imposed minimum time for the driver change (60”), the following success handicaps apply, these times are added on to their pitstop.

#2 Escudería Bengala Mosler MT900R (Guerrero-Aicart) – 40”
#4 GPC Sport Ferrari 430 (Montermini-Lambertini) – 10”
#27 Racing Box Viper (Zonca-Belicchi) – 40”
#29 Racing Box Viper (Perazzini-Cioci) – 35”
#31 Médard Porsche 996 (Médard-Pla) – 10”
#34 Playteam SaraFree (Gião-Amorim) – 25”
#35 Giudici Ferrari 360 Ch (Arlotti-Gini) – 30”
#36 Playteam SaraFree Ferrari 430 (Bartyan-Vilander) -20”
#42 Escudería Roger Ferrari 430 Ch. (Robert-Villacieros) – 15”
#43 Escudería Roger Ferrari 430 Ch. (Santos-Van Zoest) – 10”
#55 Edil Cris Ferrari 430 (Ruberti-Gianmaria) – 45”

Race One - Saturday
Italian GT Championship regulars Victory Engineering won on their debut in the International GT Open with the Ferrari 430 of Maurizio Mediani and Damien Pasini.

Finishing second was the championship leading Escudería Bengala Mosler of Lucas Guerrero and José Manuel Pérez-Aicart, the pair thus reinforcing their grip on the title race.

The Porsche 996 Cup of Santiago García and Antonio Castro won a closely-fought GTB race.

Despite the crowded grid (47 cars), the start and the first lap were fairly uneventful, Aicart taking the lead in the Bengala Mosler, in front of the GPC Ferrari of poleman Montermini, then the MC Mosler of Gutiérrez and the other 430s of Ruberti (Edil Cris), Sala (AC Andorra), Vilander (Playteam) and the Playteam 360 of Maceratesi.

The leading Mosler pulled out a lead which eventually totaled 3 seconds but was then progressively reeled in as the pitstop approached on Lap 12.

In the meantime Ruberti had be3en passed by both Sala and Vilander. The luckless Sundberg (RSV Ferrari) was forced to stop in the pits in lap 7 with a transmission problem and Bravo in the ASM Portugal Ferrari spun in the gravel, followed one lap later by Jourdain in the Estudio 2000 Porsche.

In the warm afternoon tyres are starting to suffer, and neither Monti (Mastercar 360) nor Vivancos (Sun Red Seat Cupra) could avoid spinning.

When the lead group re-emerged from the mandatory driver change, the situation was drastically different (the GT Open success penalty system coming into play)

Lambertini leads in the GPC 430, ahead of the MC Mosler of Villalba, the Andorran 430 of Cerqueda, the Victory Ferrari 430 of Mediani, the Playteam 360 of Tedoldi, and the Playteam 430 of Bartyan, the best placed of the title contenders. The other two are eighth (Guerrero in the Begala Mosler) and tenth
(Gianmaria on the Edil Cris 360).

Maurizio Mediani then showed his form in the 430 of Victory Engineering. He passeed both Cerqueda and Villalba later, reducing the gap to the leader from 12 seconds to nothing and passied Lambertini on the penultimate lap.

Poor Lambertini then spun in the closing moments whilst trying to regain the place. Guerrero ends second after an impressive final charge ahead of the other Mosler, Bartyan, amaral, Gião, Cerqueda, Tedoldi and Ganmaria.

The GTB class saw a very close and interesting. After the initial supremacy of the Camino Ferrari of Villacieros, after the pit stop, it was the Sande e Castro Porsche of Cruz which took the lead but Santiago García in the Porsche he shares with Antonio Castro managed to claim victory in the final laps.

Maurizio Mediani (1°): “I was sorry to miss the pole in Qualifying 2 this morning
because of a red flag shown a few seconds before the end of my lap, but the victory is a very nice compensation! The track was quite slippery, because of oil and rubber, and the traffic was sometimes quite hectic, but we had a nice race and we are impressed with the championship. This is really GT racing, with a lot of cars!”

Damien Pasini (1°): “I drove the first part of the race and the main problem was to be able to see something, because the car in front of me was losing oil and the windscreen was completely dirty. Nevertheless, I could follow those in front of me and was able to keep a good pace. We had planned to do the stop quite early and this proved to be the right decision in order to avoid traffic”.

Race 1 Result
1 58 GTA Pasini/Mediani Ferrari 430 GT2 48:37.450 28Laps
2 2 GTA Aicart/Guerrero Mosler MT900R +24.459
3 7 GTA Gutierrez/Villalba Mosler MT900R +33.267
4 36 GTA Vilander/Bartyan Ferrari 430 GT2 +39.680
5 50 GTA Castro/Amaral Porsche GT3 RSR +54.251
6 34 GTA Amorin/Giao Ferrari 360 Modena GTC +57.833
7 14 GTA Sala/Cerqueda Ferrari 430 GT2 +1:05.714
8 55 GTA Ruberti/Giammaria Ferrari 430 GT2 +1:08.942
9 53 GTA Hernandez/Bastos Ferrari 360 Modena GTC +1:16.442
10 57 GTA Monti/Monzon Ferrari 360 Modena +1:20.978
11 20 GTA Cressoni/Malucelli Ferrari 360 Modena GTC +1:21.184
12 52 GTA Puig/Diaz Ferrari 430 GT2 +1:23.373
13 37 GTA MacEratesi/Tedoldi Ferrari 360 Modena GTC +1:34.003
14 51 GTA Breyner/Breyner Porsche GT3 RSR +1:38.074
15 17 GTA Roda/Mowlem Porsche GT3 RSR 27 laps
16 29 GTS Perazzini/Cioci Dodge Viper Coupe GT3 27 laps
17 10 GTA Martinez/Valero Seat Cupra GT 27 laps
18 27 GTS Belicchi/Zonca Dodge Viper Coupe GT3 27 laps
19 61 GTB Castro/Garcia Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 27 laps
20 4 GTA Montermini/Lambertini Ferrari 430 GT2 26 laps
21 6 GTA Ligonnet/Severin Ferrari 430 GT2 26 laps
22 56 GTA Aucott/MacAri Ferrari 360 Modena 26 laps
23 42 GTB Villacieros/Robert Ferrari 430 Challenge 26 laps
24 49 GTB Ciacci/Lario Ferrari 360 Challenge 26 laps
25 46 GTB Rodrigo/Rodrigo Ferrari 430 Challenge 26 laps
26 62 GTB Guedes/Cruz Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 26 laps
27 38 GTB Putten/Nevoa Marcos Mantis 26 laps
28 41 GTB Peres/Terenas Ferrari 430 Challenge 26 laps
29 47 GTB Alburquerque/Noce Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 26 laps
30 64 GTB Vergara/Banus Ferrari 360 Challenge 26 laps
31 35 GTB Gini/Arlotti Ferrari 360 Challenge 26 laps
32 33 GTB Giudici/Ardigo Ferrari 360 Challenge 26 laps
33 43 GTB Zoest/Santos Ferrari 430 Challenge 26 laps
34 67 GTC Castro/Sloot Marcos Mantis 26 laps
35 16 GTA Galiano/Cutillas Mosler MT900R 25 laps
36 45 GTB Baranda/Torres Ferrari 360 Challenge 25 laps
37 63 GTB Romero/Romero Ferrari 360 Challenge 25 laps
38 65 GTB Rosa/Sanchez Ferrari 360 Challenge 25 laps
39 59 GTB Ruiz/Henriquez Ferrari 360 Challenge 24 laps

Not Classified
66 GTC Nas/Gil Porsche GT3 17 laps D.N.F.
9 GTA Fernandez/Llobet Seat Toledo GT 17 laps N.C.F
11 GTA Vivancos/Vinyes Seat Cupra GT 12 laps D.N.F.
30 GTA Bravo/Santo Ferrari 430 GT2 7 laps D.N.F.
31 GTB Medard/Pla Porsche 996 GT3 Cup 6 laps D.N.F.
8 GTA Jourdain/Merino Porsche GT3 RSR 6 laps D.N.F.
5 GTA Romero/Sundberg Ferrari 430 GT2 5 laps D.N.F.

Fastest Laps
2 GTA Aicart/Guerrero Mosler MT900R 1:38.737 3 90.73mph
29 GTS Perazzini/Cioci Dodge Viper Coupe GT3 1:42.532 20 87.37mph
42 GTB Villacieros/Robert Ferrari 430 Challenge 1:45.312 3 85.07mph
67 GTC Castro/Sloot Marcos Mantis 1:47.085 6 83.66mph


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