Stinton About To Re-Engine His Harrier
Looking back to dsc’s Britcar 24 coverage, we find that the Ed. wrote this: “Next year, expect Ian Stinton to turn up for the 24 Hours with a Corvette LS7 engine in the back of his (Harrier).”

That was written slightly tongue in cheek – because the thought of putting such a V8 in such a car had only just been thought up – by dsc’s Editor.

“Right, you can have the story first,” said Stinton, at the British GT event at Silverstone last weekend. “We’re taking you up on your idea. I’ve spoken to Martin Short, and he’s going to supply the engine and help us with the installation. We know it matches up to the bellhousing and the Hewland NLT gearbox. Lester (Ray) is going to fit it – and the engine’s are such good value, I’m even going to buy a spare!”

Lester Ray was behind the design of the Harrier in the first place, of course.

Ian Stinton has spoken to James Tucker about the plan, which has been approved – so the Harrier, seen here at the Britcar 24 last year, will make its third appearance in the 24 Hours in 2007.

“My target is to finish the race, not win it, so the others needn’t feel threatened by us.”

Stinton is hoping to debut the re-engined car at the EERC event that is being planned for Spa next year: “Four hours round Spa, who wouldn’t want to do that?”

So you almost heard it here first. It was actually Ian Stinton who heard it first. Perhaps he ought to persuade JC-W and David Goode to drive it (as they did in British GTs in 1998)?

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