Highlights From A Two Week Old Inbox
Having just returned from two weeks of motorsport-free holiday, the deputy editor has found a few slightly out of date goodies in his bulging inbox that are just too good to throw away.

First up was an email from Joe Twyman, a name familiar to many in the sportscar racing paddock as a moniker which has featured on the visor strips of Sam Hancock, Gregor Fisken and Olly Bryant, amongst others.

The visor strips announced those driver’s support for the Teenage Cancer Trust and a total of £25,000 of backing for that most deserving of causes has come via the motorsport campaign.

Joe himself is a racing driver too, but has been fighting Leukaemia for the past 18 months. Indeed he ran the motorsport sponsorship effort from his hospital bed.

A recent bone marrow transplant may just have put him on the road to recovery. “It’s been a struggle but hopefully I will be able to get back on track next season.”

Joe has graciously allowed us to use some of the shots he grabbed at the utterly wonderful Goodwood Revival meeting: the photographer himself provides the captions.

“The first photo is of the Hancock / Gounon '64 GTO, the second is Minassian / Hardman in the pits, the third is J-M Gounon with Marilyn Monroe (J-M was on such good form all weekend, we had lots of laughs and he also drove very well!!) and the fourth is of Gregor getting into his 246 Dino....Gregor started the Richmond Trophy from pole and finished second!”

Next up is an offering from another loyal dsc reader, Paul Mousley.

Paul was as ever in the Silverstone paddock for the Britcar 24, autograph book in hand, before retiring to the spectator banks for the race itself. The selection of shots he has sent include visual proof that the Duller Motorsport BMW crew literally did win the race with their eyes closed! This is Dieter Quester, driving into the setting sun.

There’s also a short sequence of shots of the ASM Ford Falcon: if you look closely you can see Adam Sharpe adding to the Aussie feel of the effort my mouthing the title of the Kylie Minogue classic – I’m Spinning Around! Both Falcons added a special something to the Britcar 24 Hours.

Finally, and still with the Britcar 24, there’s a note from Dunlop’s Gary Wassell with a request to pass on the company’s thanks and best wishes for the invaluable contribution of the marshals at Silverstone, for helping to run an immaculate meeting in the fast changing conditions. We’ll gladly pass on the message Gary and add our own thanks too.


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