Sports Car Challenge Plans For 2007
With the 2006 season of the Sports Car Challenge still in full swing, the series organisers have already announced their plans for next year. As the response from competitors to the introduction of the GT category has been encouraging, the Grand Tourisme cars will become an equal part of the proceedings next year, and officially be awarded championship points. Some detail changes to the technical regulations in the prototype classes are also on the agenda, in particular adjustments to the minimum weights. Also, engine size in 2 is now limited to 2000cc instead of 2500. The fastest Division 2 runners have been regular contenders for overall podium finishes this year, so they seem to be right at home in the bigger class.

Division1 – sports prototypes:
up to 2500 ccm, max. 6 Cylinders - min. 640 kg
up to 3000 ccm, max. 6 Cylinders - min. 670 kg
up to 3400 ccm, max. 6 Cylinders - min. 740 kg
over 3400 ccm - min. 840 kg

Additionally, all sports prototypes with a valid car pass according to FIA appendix J regulations are eligible.

Division 2 – sports prototypes "Light“:
FIA Gp.CN, up to 2000 ccm - min. 535 kg
Gp.C3, max. 4 cylinders, up to 2000 ccm - min. 600 kg

Other sports prototypes that do not fall into one of the categories mentioned above (e.g. cars from the Radical championships, and others) will be placed in a category by the organisers according to their performance.

For Division 3, the GT class, work on a set of regulations is currently in progress.

Meanwhile, the Sports Car Challenge continues at Brno on September 23/24.


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