Britsports Report – Donington Park, August 5
Greensall Goes it Alone

Nigel Greensall drove Dave Shelton’s unique Yamitsu S3000 to a canny win in Saturday’s 50-minute Britsports race.

There is probably an old saying that goes something like “If things start badly, they only get worse”, and Bill and Henry Nickless, and their Chiron team, must have thought that after Alex Buncombe, sharing the Chiron LMP3 with Sam Hobday, claimed pole on Saturday morning, with a lap of 1:04.282. “We set off at 11.30 last night”, recounted Bill, “and the truck immediately threw the prop shaft. We managed to borrow a vehicle from a neighbour, but it took us two hours to unload and reload. Alex did a great job getting pole, but now we’ve got a list of problems – alternator, starter motor – we don’t think we’ll make the race.”

Greensall was second in qualifying, just 0.041 shy of pole, with the works-backed Juno of Mike Roberts and single-seater hotshoe Oliver Turvey third. The Rapier of Michael Christopher and busy Ian Flux was next, then lone driver Howard Spooner, winner of the first Brands Hatch race, in his Jade Trackstar. Class 2 pole went to Tony and Simon Freeman in their Radical Prosport, followed by the Prosport LM3000s of William Curtis and Scuffham / Watkins, Simon making a very welcome return to the EERC fold. Here are the Scuffham and Curtis cars.

Duncan Williams was the fastest CN class runner in his Radical Prosport, followed by Dave Krayem in a similar car, and the Speads of Nigel Place.

The second row of the grid became the front row as the cars lined-up to take the start, for not only was the Chiron missing from pole but Nigel Greensall was starting the Yamitsu from the pit lane. Michael Christopher took the Rapier into the lead as the lights went green, with a fast-starting Simon Heaps into second place, from what had become fifth on the grid.

Rob Oldershaw, in his older, privateer Juno SS2, was up to fourth place by lap two, from 13th at the start, and was worrying Roberts in the newer, works-backed machine. Greensall had also been carving his way through from his pitlane start, and was already fifth. No, make that fourth, as he took Roberts across the line on lap four. Sorry, third, as he mugged Oldershaw next time round. By lap seven, he had dispensed with Heaps’ Pilbeam, and set about his pursuit of Christopher.

Simon Scuffham suffered a puncture on his Prosport, which sadly put him out of the race (“It exploded half way through the Craners, but I kept it on the tarmac, somehow”), joining early retirements Duncan Williams (Radical) and Mark Higson (Gunn).

Greensall was soon with Christopher, and on lap 13, car 13 took the lead at Coppice. Oldershaw had been slowing in his Juno, and his pit call, on lap 15, and with 32 minutes to go, was not scheduled, and he retired. It was time, however, for the majority to take their scheduled stops, Roberts being the first, handing the Juno to Oliver Turvey.

Greensall stayed out until the bitter end, on the very cusp of the 70% distance pit-window, remaining in the car during the stop. Heaps played a similar strategy in the Pilbeam, as did Doug Setters in his Jade.

Once the race settled again, Greensall had retained his lead, but was now just over four seconds in front of Flux in the Rapier, but it was Turvey who was on the move, in third, and setting fastest lap at 1:03.385 in his pursuit of Flux. The move was accomplished within the final ten minutes, but Greensall had a comfortable eight-second margin, and took the chequered flag after 44 laps, the second Britsports win in a row for the Yamitsu.

“I’d like to dedicate this win to Dave Shelton,” said Nigel, adding “he was going to drive today, but fell ill last night.”

Behind the Roberts / Turvey and Christopher / Flux cars, Simon Heaps came home fourth in the Pilbeam, followed by Dave Mountain and Alan Timpany in the Juno SS3, and Steve Hodges, his Pedrazza PRC-BMW under the personal supervision of Fred Goddard this weekend, and at last posting a finish.

Tony and Simon Freeman took Class 2 honours, and Nigel Place’s Speads won the CN class.
Steve Wood

1 13 1 GREENSALL Yamitsu S 3000 50:35.472 44 1:04.238
2 70 1 ROBERTS/TURVEY Juno Sports Prototype 50:43.409 44 7.937 1:03.385
3 20 1 CHRISTOPHER/FLUX Rapier Six 51:04.625 44 29.153 1:05.945
4 7 1 Simon HEAPS Pilbeam MP91 51:45.012 44 1:09.540 1:06.495
5 3 1 MOUNTIAN/BARDWELL Juno SS3 51:11.019 43 1 LAP 1:06.981
6 2 1 HODGES/HODGES Pedrazza PRC-BMW 51:02.169 42 2 LAPS 1:08.282
7 24 1 Doug SETTERS Jade 51:10.722 40 4 LAPS 1:11.915
8 32 3 Nidel PLACE Speads RS04 51:23.112 40 4 LAPS 1:14.172
9 8 3 David KREYEM Radical Prosport 51:47.057 40 4 LAPS 1:13.708
10 1 2 FREEMAN/FREEMAN Radical Prosport 47:06.483 38 6 LAPS 1:08.872
Not Classified
43 2 William CURTIS Prosport LM3000 19:57.175 16 D.N.F. 1:13.397
51 1 OLDERSHAW/COUPLAND Juno SS2 V6 17:36.369 15 D.N.F. 1:06.927
58 2 SCUFFHAM/WATKINS Prosport LM3000 8:51.281 7 D.N.F. 1:13.963
14 2 HIGSON/WILDS Gunn TS7 9:26.068 7 D.N.F. 1:17.098
50 3 Duncan WILLIAMS Radical Prosport 3:49.279 3 D.N.F. 1:11.865


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