BTCS Report – Zolder Rounds 3 & 4, May 27-28
Frustration & Confusion
© Joost Custers

This must have been the most confusing race weekend I’ve ever written about. Owing to a failure in the German organizers’ timing (the ADAC was the organizer of the weekend, the second round of the BTCS), there are no official results of the races yet, even though the first one was held on Saturday (!). Besides that, there was confusion about rules, with gentlemen’s agreements about the application of the rules not being respected. There was almost a blockade of the grid as a result…

What happened? Well one must know that BTCS, just like BPR in the old days, is a series where teams decide, together with the organizers, about the rules etc. This year, they were confronted with the first ever arrival of a factory team: Renault. Both new Mégane Trophy cars (derived from the European Trophy cars) that race in the BTCS are in fact not GT or Touring cars, nor Silhouettes. Instead of the 950-kilos applied to the Silhouettes, the Renaults must weigh 1000 kilo as they are somewhat outside of every rule in the book. Sadly, Renault Sport went straight to the RACB (official Automobile Club of Belgium) to change the minimum weight to 975 without consulting the other teams and PRC, the organizers behind the series.

Under pressure from the other top teams, Renault had to promise (30 minutes before the first race started) to yet again increase the weight of the cars (a gentlemen’s agreement as they couldn’t force them): the race started but afterwards neither of the Méganes was up to the promised 1000 kilo. A sad story… were they ‘shakin’ their asses’ at the rest of the field? The Renaults certainly deserve an award for the most ridiculous rear end in racing...

If there was a winner this weekend, it was without doubt KS Motorsport. Steve Vanbellingen and Armand Fumal won the opening rounds in Spa six weeks ago and this weekend took fifth in the first race and victory in second. KS is now firmly leading the series.

The best-placed Renault, if anyone is interested, was second in the first race and third in the second.

This is the Slaus / Lupant BMW Silhouette, second in the second race.

The 12 hours of Spa will take place in two weeks’ time (with double points), and I sincerely hope to bring you nothing but good BTCS news.

Unofficial Results
Race 1

1. (#1) Motorsport International – Jaguar X-Type Silhouette – 54 ronden
2. (#72) Delahaye Racing – Renault Mégane Silhouette
3. (#2) Euromaster Racing – BMW Silhouette
4. (#5) Motorsport International – Jaguar X-Type Silhouette
5. (#21) KS Motorsport – BMW Silhouette
6. (#27) Monroe Racing/BPO – Ferrari 360 Modena (1st in GT)

Race 2
1. (#21) KS Motorsport – BMW Silhouette
2. (#2) Euromaster Racing – BMW Silhouette
3. (#72) Delahaye Racing – Renault Mégane Silhouette
4. (#3) Belgian Audi Club – Audi Silhouette
5. (#80) CEO Racing – Porsche 996 GT3 Cup (1st in GT)


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