Former Le Mans Cars At Brands – June 3-4
If the Le Mans test day on June 4 isn’t your ‘tasse du thé’, then Brands Hatch next weekend might be – for the opening event of Jim Graham’s Group C/GTP series.

One familiar car returning to the series is the Skoal Bandit Porsche, now owned by Henry Pearman.

This car was third overall at Le Mans 1984, driven by David Hobbs, Sarel van der Merwe and Philip Streiff (have you ever tried Skoal Bandit? – it’s horrible, and I nearly died of hiccups that year, after some clown urged me to try it. Ed.), and was also fourth at the 24 Hours in 1985 and ’86.

Martyn Konig was the previous owner of this car.

“I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of racing the car I remember watching at Le Mans in 1984, as it worked its way up to the leading group, and seeing it finish on the podium, after a loss of power from the engine late in the race,” says the new owner. “It is a privilege to drive one of these fantastic Group C cars – on the actual circuits I watched them race on.”

Here is the Skoal Bandit Porsche - at Brands Hatch and Le Mans, both in 2004.

June 3-4 will see former GT racer Mark Sumpter make his Group C debut – racing a Porsche he bought from Henry Pearman.

Sumpter’s car has been restored by ‘Group C’ in High Wycombe and is a carbon-tubbed chassis, TS/03C, built by Vern Schuppan to compete at Le Mans in 1991. In the event it was only used in qualifying (no. 53), driven by Hurley Haywood, Wayne Taylor and James Weaver. The latter had some unkind things to say about it at the time, but that was more to do with the aero package of the time than the chassis itself.

“The attraction of this 962 for me was the carbon chassis and I am really looking forward to racing it this year,” says Sumpter. “I have raced Porsches for the last 13 years but this car is a completely new challenge for me, as I have never driven a car with downforce.

The car will be run by Mark Jones, who works as a Porsche technician at Paragon, Sumpter’s Porsche dealership, with the help of Trevor Crisp from ‘Group C’.

“In the two driver races (Spa and Paul Ricard), I will share the car with Chris Goodwin who has a lot of experience racing this type of car. Can’t wait! says Sumpter.”

He's seen testing the car recently.

Notice (former?) British GT racer Ian Stinton on the entry list - plus Lola Chairman Martin Birrane.

Entry List – Brands Hatch 3-4 June
2 GTP1 Richard Eyre GB Jaguar XJR16 3000 (T) White 1991
3 GTP1 Janine Payne GB Jaguar XJR16 3000 (T) White -Bud Light 1991
8 GTP1 Justin Law GB Jaguar XJR12 6500 White/Purple – Silk Cut 1990
12 GTP1 Jim Mullen USA Spice GTP 6500 Red/Purple/Yellow 1992
16 GTP2 Peter Schleifer D March Chevrolet 84G 6000 Black/Silver 1983
21 GTP1 David Mercer GB Spice SE90C - DFR 3500 White 1990
26 GTP3 Alvin Powell GB Tiga 288 - DFZ 3500 Red 1988
28 GTP1 R Oddie/M Pye GB Argo Chevrolet JM20C 6300 Metallic Grey 1990
29 GTP1 Martyn Eyre GB Gebhardt Cosworth 3500 Red/Yellow – Momo 1992
32 GTP1 Nick Rini USA Jaguar XJR12D 7500 White - Bud Light 1990
33 GTP2 Henry Pearman GB Porsche 956B 2600 (T) Green/White - Skoal Bandit 1984
37 GTP4 Richard Bateman GB Tiga Rover GC287 2994 White 1987
53 GTP1 Mark Sumpter GB Porsche 962-TS/03C 3000 (T) White/Blue 1991
70 GTP3 Ian Stinton GB Spice SE86 - DFZ 3500 White – Listerine 1986
75 GTP3 Gary Pearson GB ADA Cosworth - DFZ 3500 Yellow 1987
80 GTP1 Nick/Chris Randall GB Spice SE90 - DFR 3500 White/Red 1989
88 GTP1 Nick Randall GB Nissan NTP1 GTP 3000 (T) Blue/Red 1990
102 GTP4 Martin Birrane IRL Spice SE86 - Hart 1800 (T) White/Red 1987
103 GTP4 Duncan McKay GB Bardon Ford DB2 3300 Red - Goodmans 1984


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