Britcar’s V8 Thunder For 2007
”They want some thunder,” is James Tucker’s view of the needs of the British spectating public – and they look as though they’re going to get it next year, if the EERC’s supremo can encourage the majority of this lot (below) to turn out at the 2007 V8 Supercar events.

The V8 concept has started slowly this year: now it’s all about getting cars on the grid – and then bums on seats / on the terraces.

EERC tyre supplier Dunlop is already pointing out that the Britcar field is providing the fastest GT racing in the UK. With this mix of V8-powered machinery, James Tucker could soon have the fastest growing series too.

2007 V8 Supercar Registrations
2 Warren Gilbert TVR Sagaris V8
3 Peter Seldon / Eugene O'Brien BMW E46 M3 GTR
4 Rupert Bullock / Jon Harrison Marcos Mantis V8
5 Mick Mercer Marcos Mantis V8
6 Mike Newton Ford Falcon V8
7 Darren Dowling TVR Tuscan V8
8 Warren Gilbert Marcos Mantis V8
9 Rob Compton Vauxhall Astra Saloon
10 Kevin Hancock Marcos Mantis V8
11 Tim Hood TVR Sagaris V8
12 Alun Edwards Marcos Mantis V8
14 Steve Glynn TVR Tuscan V8
15 Steve Hirst Astra DTM V8
16 Rick Wood Astra DTM V8
17 Kelvin Burt Peugoet XRV8
18 VJ Angelo TVR Tuscan V8
19 Keith Ahlers Morgan Aero V8
20 Dean Cook TV Tuscan V8
21 Salmon/Ellis BMW M3 V8 GTR
22 Dave Bennet / Marcus Fothergill BMW M3 V8 GTR
23 Adam Sharpe / TBA Ford Falcon V8
24 Adam Sharpe / TBA Ford Falcon V8
25 Alex Pilgrim Pilgrim Sumo V8
26 Colin Simpson Marcus Mantis V8
27 Don Griss BMW V8GTR
28 Howard Spooner Morgan Aero V8
29 David Cleale Mercedes V8
30 Andy Rouse Jaguar SCV8
31 Andrew Holden TVR SagarisV8
32 Ken Finneran Ford Mustang V8
39 Nigel Mustill Peugoet V8 Star
46 Stephen Keating / Mark Powell Marcos LM500
48 Grahame Bryant Marcos Mantis
66 Marcus Clutton Marcos Mantis GT
70 Kelvin Burt / Peoguet XRV8
77 Stuart Scott / Steve Wood Jaguar V8 Star
78 Kevin Clarke Mercedes V8
79 John Cross Ford Focus V8


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