Lawrence Tomlinson Explains His Roll
You’ve probably seen the Peter May images already – now here’s the explanation… of Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson’s multiple roll at Oulton Park last Sunday morning

“I saw someone had spun in front of me at the left of the track, but as I came up the right hand side, he came across the track and I hit the rear of his car.

“The engine was down on power so I kept my foot down all the way to keep momentum towards Esso and avoid being passed, thinking I would avoid the spinning car in front of me. As it turned out, that gave me maximum propulsion into the air. I basically hit the other car flat out on the fastest part of the circuit.

“Everybody knows what fun cars they are to drive and what good value they are to race. I got to test the strength and safety aspect for myself. I’m impressed, there are few cars that I could have had such a massive impact in and walked away from.”


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