JLMC Winner To Race At Le Mans In 2009
At a press conference during last week’s Japan Le Mans Challenge testing at Sugo (April 3-4), the organisers announced that “the winner for (of) the 2008 JLMC would be automatically invited to participate in the 2009 Le Mans 24 Hour Race”.

Representing the President of the ACO at the press conference was Patrick Peter – referred to as the “infamous promoter for Le Mans Classic and Le Mans Series”: a rather unfortunate turn of phrase.

2009 is a long way off, but offering the (just the overall?) winner of the Japan Le Mans Challenge a place at Le Mans does grant the new series a further degree of recognition.

Mr. Uzushiri of the JLMC also announced at Sugo that “Aston Martin Racing is seriously studying the possibility of competing in JLMC”.

Aston Martin Racing’s Commercial Director, James Turner, comments that “we’ve had discussions with both the organisers and a team in Japan, and we would be delighted to appear in the series, but there isn’t a clear plan at the moment”.

The opening round of the JLMC will be held at Sugo on May 14.


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