Super GT Report, Okayama - April 9
Honda NSX Returns To Winning Ways
While we're on Acura / Honda news..... 56,000 spectators packed into the 3.7 kilometre Okayama International Circuit for Round 2 of the 2006 Autobacs Super GT series last Sunday.

The Okayama GT300km saw a return to form from the Honda NSX, with the #18 Takata Dome NSX driven by Ryo Michigami and Takashi Kogure scoring a convincing, runaway victory.

The #18 car started from pole position, with Michigami at the wheel, building up a 15 second lead by the time of the driver change. Kogure then continued the charge, eventually running up a 40-second lead over the second placed #100 Raybrig NSX by the chequered flag. It was the first GT win for Kogure and a return to winning ways for Michigami - for the first time since 2003. The Krumm / Yamamoto #22 Nissan Z rounded off the podium.

Ryo Michigami: "All weekend things had been going well, so I thought we could probably win and that is what we did.

“Before the race, we were talking with the other NSX drivers and saying that it would be great if we could get a 1-2 NSX finish. So I'm glad that eventually that is what happened. Last year we weren't able to race well, so everyone on the team agreed that we had to try to get good results this year, and I personally did a lot of thinking about what I had to do. Things started getting better from the first round and I think that momentum led to today's result. I am very happy with it."

Takashi Kogure: "I feel fantastic. Since I became a GT regular last year, Michigami has taught me a lot. It was very easy for me to run in the race today because of the great shape Michigami had the machine in after the first half of the race. I also want to thank the team for building such a good machine that has made it possible for Michigami and me to win."

GT300 fell to the #27 direxiv Advan Vemac 320R driven by Shogo Mitsuyama and Nobuteru Taniguchi. It was the team's first GT win. The #11 Ferrari 360 came home second, ahead of the #110 Porsche Boxster

Shogo Mitsuyama: "It inspired me to see Taniguchi run so long and so well today and I knew I had to live up to that by driving hard myself. At the driver change the starter wouldn't turnover at first. Then our team Director, Ms. Haga, shouted at the car and that seemed to do the trick! Thanks to that, we only lost a little time. Once the tires got warmed up I was able to run confident and relaxed. I want to keep winning like this and go for the title."

Nobuteru Taniguchi: "In the early stages of the race I was making myself hold back. I ran with the confidence that I could then start to push it in the second half of my run. The team and Vemac and the ADVAN tires were all great. This has been a fantastic day for me. I want to thank everyone."

1 18 TAKATA DOME Honda NSX Ryo MichigamiTakashi Kogure 2:01'16.217 82 1'25.632 20
2 100 RAYBRIG Honda NSX Sebastien PhilippeShinya Hosokawa 0'40.051 82 1'25.636
3 22 MOTUL AUTECH Nissan Fairlady Z Michael KrummSakon Yamamoto 0'46.307 82 1'26.638 10
4 3 YellowHat YMS TOMICA Nissan Fairlady Z Naoki YokomizoJ.P.Lima De Oliveira 1'01.377 82 1'25.965
5 1 ZENT CERUMO Lexus SC430 Yuji TachikawaToranosuke Takagi 1'01.799 82 1'26.824
6 12 CALSONIC IMPUL Nissan FairladyZ Benoit TreluyerKazuki Hoshino 1'06.718 82 1'26.676 10
7 8 ARTA Honda NSX Daisuke ItoRalph Firman 1'07.175 82 1'26.137 40
8 36 OPEN INTERFACE TOM'S Lexus SC430 Juichi WakisakaAndre Lotterer 1Laps 81 1'26.789 60
9 25 ECLIPSE ADVAN Toyota SUPRA Manabu OridoTakeshi Tsuchiya 1Laps 81 1'27.297
10 24 WOODONE ADVAN KONDO Nissan Fairlady Z Erik ComasMasataka Yanagida 1Laps 81 1'27.115
11 6 Mobil 1 Lexus SC430 Akira IidaTatsuya Kataoka 1Laps 81 1'26.925
12 35 BANDAI DIREZZA Lexus SC430 Naoki HattoriPeter Dumbreck 1Laps 81 1'26.725
13 66 triple a SARD Toyota SUPRA GT Andre CoutoKatsuyuki Hiranaka 3Laps 79 1'27.162
14 27 direxiv ADVAN Vemac 320R Shogo MitsuyamaNobuteru Taniguchi 2:02'42.232 77 1'32.864
15 11 JIM CENTER FERRARI 360 DUNLOP Tetsuya TanakaTakayuki Aoki 1Laps 76 1'33.310
16 110 TOTALBENEFIT GREENTEC Porsche BOXSTER Hideshi MatsudaIchijo Suga 1Laps 76 1'32.885 10
17 13 ENDLESS ADVAN CCI Nissan Fairlady Z Masami KageyamaTomonobu Fujii 1Laps 76 1'32.859
18 46 Kiccho Houzan DIREZZA Nissan Fairlady Z Kota SasakiTaku Banba 1Laps 76 1'32.735 10
19 88 AKTIO Lamborghini Murcielago RG-1 Marco ApicellaYasutaka Hinoi 1Laps 76 1'33.694 40
20 62 WILLCOM ADVAN VEMAC 408R Shinsuke ShibaharaHiroyuki Yagi 1Laps 76 1'33.256
21 26 MOTO TAISAN ENDLESS Porsche GT3R Shinichi YamajiKazuyuki Nishizawa 1Laps 76 1'33.349
22 101 TOY STORY Racing Toyota MR-S Morio NittaShinichi Takagi 2Laps 75 1'34.825
23 19 WedsSport Toyota Celica Koji MatsudaShigekazu Wakisaka 2Laps 75 1'34.156 15
24 2 Privée Zurich Apple Mooncraft Shiden Kazuho TakahashiHiroki Katoh 2Laps 75 1'34.065 10
25 52 Proµ TAIYO OIL KUMHO Toyota CELICA Hironori TakeuchiKoki Saga 2Laps 75 1'35.564
26 5 Proµ MACH GOGOGO SHAKEN Vemac 320R KYUSYU Tetsuji TamanakaKatsuhiko Tsutsui 3Laps 74 1'33.934
27 666 LifeWork BOMEX APPLE Honda NSX Shogo SuhoYasuhiro Takasaki 3Laps 74 1'35.017
28 777 Ryozanpaku apr Toyota MR-S Minoru TanakaKazuya Oshima 4Laps 73 1'34.802
29 10 T&G FACE NETWORK DUNLOP Ferrari 360 HiromiNaofumi Omoto 4Laps 73 1'35.513
30 70 Gaishano Gaikokuya ADVAN PORSCHE Yoshimi IshibashiAkira Hirakawa 5Laps 72 1'36.524
31 47 Kiccho Houzan DIREZZA Nissan Fairlady Z Masaoki NagashimaHironobu Yasuda 5Laps 72 1'33.493
32 910 SENZAIKAKUMEI TEAM UEMATSU & ISHIMATSU Porsche RSR Tadao UematsuYasushi Kikuchi 5Laps 72 1'36.336
33 9 NOMAD ADVAN LeyJun Mosler MT900R OSAMUMasaki Tanaka 8Laps 69 1'36.121
34 96 EBBRO BTEC MAZIORA Vemac 350R Takuya KurosawaTsubasa Kurosawa 14Laps 63 1'34.357
35 14 HANKOOK ENDLESS PORSCHE 911 Mitsuhiro KinoshitaKyosuke Mineo 14Laps 63 1'34.126
87 TRIKE JAPAN Lamborghini Murcielago RG-1 Koji YamanishiWADA-Q 25Laps 52 1'33.822 20
32 EPSON Honda NSX Loic DuvalHideki Mutoh 65Laps 17 1'26.766
23 XANAVI NISMO Nissan Fairlady Z Satoshi MotoyamaTsugio Matsuda 67Laps 15 1'26.686 30


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