Team Goh Maserati Update
Whilst an official GT Association statement confirmed yesterday, Monday, that the Team Goh Maserati MC12 will not contest the opening round of the Super GT series this weekend at Suzuka, the reality appears to be that Team Goh will not now contest the 2006 championship.

The core reason appears to centre around the aerodynamic disadvantage inherent in the MC12 against the factory GT500 cars, a team source explaining that in corners faster than 175km/h the Maserati has a major disadvantage, losing a full half second to the Nissans, Lexus and Hondas through turns 1 & 2 at Suzuka for instance, and a further half second through the famous 130R.

The Japanese cars' more aggressive front splitters and diveplanes, together with a more radical floor than the flat floored Italian supercar, are currently just too much of a disadvantage and with the required aerodynamic work (including considerable wind tunnel work) requiring a major further investment that would certainly take a number of weeks to complete, it seems certain that the privateer Team Goh will withdraw the car.

The task of course is made even more taxing with the factory teams allowed to run a development car throughout the season: the resources available to the Maserati squad would, quite simply be not enough to counter their potentially crushing advantage. It’s an issue that the GT association seem increasingly concerned with as they acknowledge the near impossibility of an FIA spec car being competitive in the current climate, a situation that perhaps bodes ill for the medium term health of a series that relies heavily on manufacturer patronage.

There is further bad news with the suggestion that a potential move across to the ALMS with the car now looks certain not to come about, the timing of the decision to withdraw the car from Super GT forcing the team to miss Sebring and a Championship campaign in the USA is therefore not now an option.


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