(Small) Sportscar Manufacturers Association
Six sports car manufacturers based in North America and the UK have announced the formation of the International Sports Car Manufacturers Association, LLP, (ISCMA) to address common issues facing the industry on a global scale, foster new technologies in motorsports competition, and establish stability via unified international standards for safety and construction.

The founding members behind ISCMA are:

Radical Extreme Sportscars
– Tim Greaves, Chairman
Panhard Motorsports Development - Andy Campbell, President
Saker Motorsports, North America - James Schofield, President
Chiron USA /RPMS Motorsports - David Jansen, President
Hartham - James Painter, Director
Diasio Sports Car Co. - Christopher Diasio, President

The constructors all have approved a detailed Charter that defines the mission of the Association via provisions which will:

Establish Uniform FIA international standards for sportscar construction and safety to create a unified and consistent standard for construction and competition on a global scale to open markets domestically and internationally for the members.

Reduce industry overheads and operating costs by negotiating contracts with suppliers and service vendors through economies of scale for ISCMA members.

Encourage and develop new technologies in motorsports by partnering with research and governmental entities, and will apply such technologies to motorsports competition.

Provide an unprecedented Code of Ethics among constructors and distributors to ensure quality customer service and ethical business practices within the cooperative, yet competitive business climate in the industry.

The Association, which will be incorporated in Indianapolis, Indiana, will serve constructors from North America, Europe, South America and Asia who sign the Charter and Code of Ethics and pay membership fees for admittance.

To obtain a copy of the Charter to consider membership, contact Tim Northcutt at Rennsport-Beraten, the consulting group that served as facilitators with the constructors to form ISCMA, via e-mail tim@rennsport-beraten.com

Below are the latest images of the Diasio and Panhard designs.

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