Get ‘Grand Prix’ Onto DVD
It may not be strictly sportscars – writes Mark Cole - but there is a big movement to get the 1966 movie 'Grand Prix' released onto DVD, something which MGM has resisted for years claiming there is no interest in it.

dailysportscar.comNow there is a web petition to get it released at - instigated by Paul Zimmermann, the founder of

I have a personal interest, continues Mark, having driven the cars used in the 1966 John Frankenheimer film when I was at the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School at Snetterton. The school Lotus 20 and 22 F3 cars were bought up by Carroll Shelby, on behalf of Frankenheimer, and converted into ‘F1 cars’ at Russell's Downham Market workshops - Ralph Firman Sr being one of the school mechanics involved. I also went to the London premiere at Soho's widescreen Cinerama theatre, but have not seen it since.

dailysportscar.comMGM paid Russell an 'as new' price for the old cars, so that he could replace them with new Lotus 51 F3s, which I also drove.

The film remains a classic and anyone with an interest in motor racing should sign the petition, as the circuits and many of the participants are as much as a part of the history of sportscar racing as grands prix.

That’s Pete Aron (James Garner) on the right and above, in his Chris Amon-like helmet: Aron drove for the Yamura team in the film.

Cue opportunity to use a Monza banking image…

PS Pete Fenelon passes on the news that Warner Bros. has recently announced that the DVD will be made available soon:


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