Vanina To The DTM
It won’t be another prototype season for Vanina Ickx: after some stirring drives in a Rollcentre Dallara last year, 2006 will see Vanina Ickx racing an Audi A4 in the DTM, for a new team set up by Midland F1 man Colin Kolles."Michèle Mouton and Tamara Vidali clearly demonstrated that a woman can come out on top very well in a sport dominated by men,” explains Head of Audi Motorsport Dr Wolfgang Ullrich - with Vanina, right. "We are convinced that Vanina Ickx possesses all the skills to be just as successful.”

"Alongside Formula 1, DTM is the most popular international racing series,” comments Vanina Ickx, “and without doubt the hardest. I know that things won’t be easy for me in DTM.”

The team’s cars are 2004 Audi chassis, and the second car is still available.


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