dsc 2005 Awards 28 – UK Spirit of Racing Award

This award is one recognizing those difficult to define criteria – those groups and individuals who are just a pleasure to be at the same racetrack with. Often fan favourites, often underdogs, almost always receiving rapturous response when their successes come, simply because they are a popular part of the scene. Our three winners this year are no different and the more than a dozen others who received nominations say more for the reasons behind our continued love and enjoyment for this part of a crowded motorsport scene than mere words can say.

United Kingdom
Jonathan France gets an honourable mention here for his continued efforts to put some vim into the marketing and promotion of GT racing.

Two GT3 drivers too get votes of confidence – Trackspeed’s David Ashburn for his outlook, attitude and competitive instinct and Keith Ahlers for being, quite frankly, one of the most gentlemanly of gentleman drivers anywhere. The British championship should feel privileged to have him back for 2006.

The winner though is a group of people, and a rather large one at that, in which Mr Ahlers played a small part. It is composed of not just drivers, sponsors, marshals and mechanics but also families, friends, fans and, perhaps most importantly the backroom staff who put on a quite inspirational effort to make a success of an event which few gave any chance.

It’s not just about the principal players on either side of the pit wall, but rather about everybody that approached it with the correct outlook. From the marshals who assisted Howard Redhouse out of his crashed BMW, through the team with the Jacuzzi at the rear of the pits, through the two drivers who tied three sleeping journalists together in the early hours of the morning and then gloried in their red-eyed attempts to escape when pelted with cherry tomatoes, the infamous German Mercedes team and their astonishing road car, and from dsc a particular mention to both Dunlop PR lady Pippa (Easy Tiger) Nielsen and Britcar media man (and dsc regular) Steve (no the other one!) Wood.

The dailysportscar.com 2005 United Kingdom Spirit of Racing Award goes to the organisers and competitors in the inaugural Britcar 24 Hours.



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