dsc 2005 Awards 16 – UK Non-Driver of the Year

Four nominees but a clear winner here.

John Griffiths gets a mention here, for the efforts he and the rest of the Eclipse Motorsport crew put into preparing the Mosler MT900R. After an accident-affected start to the season, the #69 car emerged as a true contender for race wins.

Malcolm Swetnam’s contribution to the steamroller effort from Scuderia Ecosse was there for all to see – peerless race strategy and well-drilled pit routine laid strong foundations for a dominant season.

Last year’s winner, Embassy Racing boss Jonathan France, makes a repeat appearance in the nominations, not least for his efforts in bringing web radio coverage of the British Championship to the fans, worldwide.

dailysportscar.comThe winner though is an enigma. Some see him as a dividing influence in domestic racing, some as a voice of common sense amongst the politics. Some love his directness, others find his sometimes exaggerated claims prevent him from truly being taken seriously.

What he has undoubtedly done though is to focus the attention of teams and race organizers on the aspects of his race weekend package which have proven popular with entrants.

In a period when the most often heard lament in British paddocks has been “Nobody cares about what we want,” this man decided to listen and then deliver.

The dailysportscar.com United Kingdom Non Driver of the Year 2005 is EERC supreme James Tucker.

“He did it didn’t he. He brought 24 Hour racing back to the UK” Mark Howson

“For daring to invent the Britcar 24 Hours!” Malcolm Cracknell.


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