Euro GT Style
dailysportscar.comApart from the lady admiring her nails, the Euro GT crowd seem to know how to enjoy themselves – based on these images from the launch of the 2006 series, at its Brazilian Race Night at Bag Wegburg in Germany last weekend.

150 guests were present for the pre-season event, and Hein and Anje Hartman look as though they’re going to assemble an impressive and varied grid this year.

Hein Hartman: “There will be a start grid of only genuine GT cars. We are looking forward to seeing brands like Porsche and Ferrari of course, but also Marcos, Maserati, Saleen, Viper, Corvette, and possibly BMW and more.”

As announced here on Monday of this week, there will be three classes EGT1, EGT2 and EGT3, and without restrictors, expect up to 700 bhp from the most powerful cars in EGT1.

The 'V8SuperStar' of the Swissracing Team, with something like 700 bhp, will race in EGT1, while standard V8Star cars will race in EGT2.

dailysportscar.comThe Austrian Gottfried Grasser exlains the appeal of the series: “Our Ultima was built according to the GT1 Regulations but it has no homologation. Unfortunately we were not able to let this car compete in the proper way so far. We are therefore very happy with the new platform. The race format, the event program presented, plus the international character which we find in the Euro GT Series is very important for our marketing partners and team sponsors. That is why we have opted for the Euro GT Series.”

Ultimately the aim is for the series to headline its own events, but for this year, the Euro GTs will be added to other programmes (LMS at Spa in May for example).

One other attraction of the revived Euro GTs is the full season entry fee – just 7,000 Euros.

The five confirmed weekends are:

April 16-17, Nürburgring (with the GTP series)
May 12-14, Spa (with LMS)
July 7-9, Zolder (Super Prix)
July 21-23, EuroSpeedway Lausitz (with Belcar)
September 15-17, Dijon (GTP).
Other dates are in negotiation.


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