The GT300 Mooncraft ‘Shiden’
Joining the much heralded Team Goh Maserati on the grid for the 2006 Super GT Championship will be this exciting new GT300 sportscar.

Mooncraft has been around in Japanese motorsport for almost three decades, first competing with the 'Shiden 77' in 1977 in the Fuji Grand Champion series as a domestic racing car producer. More recently the company has been involved with the development of the GT500 Raybrig Honda NSX

dailysportscar.comThe new 'Shiden' will also spawn a run of road car cousins, the GT300 effort designed specifically to prompt well-heeled enthusiasts to invest in the exciting new Japanese supercar.

But this is no kit car 'special'. The race car features a chassis design from Riley Technologies that incorporates crumple zones at all four corners of the car and the Shiden also comes with an FIA-certified roll cage and impact-absorbing doors. The factory will no doubt be hoping that the sleek newcomer can make the same race winning impact that other recent additions to the GT300 grid, Vemac and Gariya for example, have managed.


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