Final Qualifying Sessions At The Mil Milhas
And The Grid

The Scuderia 111 ZF01 Chevrolet is going to start from pole position tomorrow, January 21, for the Mil Milhas event at Interlagos.

Felipe Giaffone decided to beat his own qualifying record (1.31.795 - last year’s pole time), and set a time a second and a half faster than a year ago. That makes three poles in three years for Giaffone – but that will be it for this car, which obviously won’t be able to race in this event in 2007.

"This is the third time that the ZF has raced at the Mil Milhas and we achieved a third pole position,” said Giaffone. “The car is good, with 650 hp (the same as the Corvette), but this is a real race car and the Corvette is ‘just’ a road car made for racing."

Capuava Racing Team’s Mercedes CLK DTM set the second best time of the day, but it wasn't sufficient to steal GLPK Carsport’s front row spot with the Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. The German Touring car is going to start in third position. GPC Squadra Corse’s Ferrari 575 GTC will start from fourth and Cirtek Motorsport’s Aston Martin DBR9 from fifth. The British team didn’t find enough track time enough to make a better lap.

Cirtek has been struggling without any of its equipment or its intended engine for this meeting, but everything should arrive by midday Friday. The team has the engine out of the DBR9, ready to fit a fresh V12 as soon as it arrives.

Capuava Racing Team’s Aston Martin DBR9 had an engine problem and didn't complete a qualifying lap on Thursday. Pedro Lamy was extremely unhappy as he had high hopes to be fighting for a good time. The Portuguese driver was the only one to drive the Alcides Diniz Lister Storm in qualifying (on Wednesday) but no one knows if the car is going to be ready to race on Saturday. Konrad's Saleens will line up sixth and eighth.

Thursday’s GT2 Class battle was much more interesting to follow. The Playteam Ferrari 360 Modena is faster than its Brazilian opponents but the local Porsche teams are not so far from the pace. They hope to beat the Spanish GT Champions with Porsche reliability.

With a wet track for the fourth and last qualifying session, this was one to forget: just twelve cars ventured out – and the race is not expected to be wet.
Sergio Fonseca

3rd Qualifying Times
1º) ZF 01 (Scuderia 111) (GTP1, ), 1:30.247, 171.88 Km/h
2º) Mercedes CLK DTM (Capuava) (GTP1, ), 1:32.994
3º) Aston Martin (Cirtek) (GTP1, ), 1:33.230
4º) Saleen (Konrad) (GTP1, ), 1:35.106
5º) Ferrari 575 (GPC) (GTP1, ), 1:35.125
6º) Ferrari 575 (GPC) (GTP1, ), 1:35.979
7º) Saleen (Konrad) (GTP1, ), 1:36.164
8º) Ferrari 550 (Tekprom) (GTP1, ), 1:37.785
9º) Porsche (Stuttgart Sport Car) (GT2, ), 1:37.926
10º) Porsche (Baluarte Racing Team) (GT2, ), 1:39.706
11º) MCR GTP1 (Nascar Motorsport) (GTP1, ), 1:40.171
12º) Maserati (Maserati Competições) (GT2, ), 1:41.762
13º) Porsche (Stuttgart Sport Car) (GT2, ), 1:42.842
14º) Porsche (CRT) (GT2, ), 1:46.153
15º) Alfa Romeo 156 (Tekprom) (STC, ), 1:46.209
16º) Omega (Katalogo Racing) (STC, ), 1:46.719
17º) Spyder (HT Guerra) (P2, ), 1:46.935
18º) MV (Horus) (P2, ), 1:47.629
19º) Spyder (Top Speed) (P2, ), 1:47.876
20º) BMW (Eurobike Motorsport) (STC, ), 1:48.194
21º) Omega (Tigueis) (STC, ), 1:49.439
22º) Spyder (HT Guerra) (P2, ), 1:49.531
23º) Spyder (Spyder Racing) (P2, ), 1:49.716
24º) Spyder (HT Guerra) (P2, ), 1:50.535
25º) Spyder (Spyder Race) (P2, ), 1:51.462
26º) Spyder (Serata) (P2, ), 1:54.533
27º) Vectra (Daytona Performance) (STC, ), 1:58.700

1) Paulo Roberto Bonifácio, Vitor Meira, Felipe Giaffone (ZF 01/Scuderia 111/GT1), 1m30s247, average speed of 171,888 km/h
2) Paulo Gomes, Mike Hezemans, Alencar Jr., Clemente Lunardi (Corvette/GLPK Carsport/GT1), 1m32s586
3) Tony Kanaan, Pedro Lamy, Giuliano Losacco, Raul Boesel (Mercedes CLK DTM/Capuava/GT1), 1m32s994
4) Philipp Peter, Thiago Marques, Tarso Marques, Paulo de Tarso (Ferrari 575/Giesse Squadra Corse/GT1), 1m33s210
5) Nelson Piquet, Nelsinho Piquet, Christophe Bouchut, Hélio Castro Neves (Aston Martin DB9R/Cirtek Motorsport/GT1), 1m33s230
6) Antonio Hermann, Didier Theys, Jean-Marc Gounon (Saleen SR-7/Konrad/GT1), 1m33s950
7) Philipp Peter, Luca Drudi, Marco Cioci (Ferrari 575/Giesse Squadra Corse/GT1), 1m33s956
8) Robert Lechner, Tom Weickardt, Franz Konrad (Saleen S7R-R/Konrad Motorsport / GT1), 1m34s617
9) Pedro Lamy (Lister/Capuava Racing/GT1), 1m36s437
10) Lucas Molo, Maurício Neves, Nelson Siva Jr. (Ferrari 550/Tekprom/GT1), 1m36s691
11) Giambasttista Giannoccaro, Alessandro Pierguidi, Toni Vilander (Scuderia Playteam/Ferrari 360 Modena/GT2), 1m37s528
12) Max Wilson, Nonô Figueiredo, Marcel Visconde (Porsche 911 GT2/Stuttgart Sportcar/GT2), 1m37s927
13) Hoover Orsi, Felipe Maluhy, Ricardo Maurício (Porsche 911 GT3/Baluarte Racing/GT2), 1m39s627
14) Aloysio Andrade, Ciro Aliparte (MCR GT1/Nascar-Rebial/ GT1), 1m40s171
15) Francisco Longo, Daniel Serra, João Adibe (Maserati Light/Masetari Competições/GT2), 1m41s762
16) Otávio Mesquita, Marcel Visconde, Omilton Visconde, Beto Posses (Porsche 911 GT3/Stuttgart Sportcar/GT2), 1m42s842
17) Rafael Derani, Walter Derani, Cesar Urnhani, Renato Cattalini (Porsche 911 GT3/CRT/GT2), 1m44s022
18) Uberto Molo, Claudio Capparelli, Istvan Minash (Alfa Romeo 156/Tekprom/STC), 1m46s209
19) Paulo Salustiano, José Borges, Marcos Medeiros (Spyder/Top Speed/P2), 1m46s317
20) Fernanda Parra, Fernando Parra (Omega/Katalogo/STC), 1m46s719
21) Thiago Belstrein, Roberto Martinez, Almir Donato (Spyder/HT Guerra/P2), 1m46s935
22) Fábio Souto Mayor, Henry Visconde, Luiz Coutinho, Ronaldo Sampaio (BMW M3/Cobra Motorsport/STC), 1m47s040
23) Edson Machado, Paulo Machado (MV/Horus/GT1), 1m47s245
24) Rogério Castro, Luiz Freitas (Spyder/HT Guerra/P2), 1m49s311
25) Carlos Tigueis, Ana Melo, Bel Melo, Leandro Mussio (Omega/Tigueis/STC), 1m49s439
26) Ricardo Dilser, Fernando Rebelato (Sypder/ Spyder Racing/P2), 1m49s483
27) Silvio Coelho, Cesar Visconti, Matheus Maccari (Spyder/HT Guerra/P2), 1m49s531
28) Sérgio Ribas, Peter Wiliam (Spyder/Spyder Racing/P2), 1m49s716
29) Cassio Paoletti, Carlos Carvalho, Rodrigo Garcia, Roberto Amaral (Omega/Coruja Competições/STC), 1m52s301
30) Daywis Teixeira, Luiz Galafassi (Spyder/Serata Motorsport/P2), a 1m54s533


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