New Life For The Cupra GT?
SEAT’s Cupra GT failed to demonstrate anything like competitive form in the 2004 Spanish GT Championship, but the project hasn’t been shelved – writes Sergio Fonseca.

dailysportscar.comA Spanish company, Sun-RED (Sun Race Engineering Development S.L.) is working on the car to convert it to FIA regulations. They really want to use an atmospheric V10 engine, replacing the "old" turbo V6. Sun-RED has the full approval of SEAT Sport to develop and race the Cupra GT.

At the moment, Sun-RED has four cars ready to race. For 2006 they will run in the Spanish GT Championship, the European Open GT series, and maybe even FIA GT3s.

Roni Severin's RSV Motorsport tested a Cupra GT at Barcelona and at the Ascari Race Resort at the end of 2005.


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