New Brazilian Prototypes
We recently brought you the first images of the DIMEP GT1 on February 13 (here): Sergio Fonseca follows up that item with some more information on other new prototypes from Brazil.

With the current success of the Mil Milhas event, it seems that every small motorsport manufacturer in Brazil wants to build a prototype to beat the European cars. Local driver and businessman Urubatan Helou assigned a prototype project to designer João Alfran last year. Unfortunately, João Alfran died on January 3, but in his honour the car has been named the Alfran 450A (initially it was to have been the Braspress). Like the new DIMEP GT1, this car (below) should make its debut in the 1000 Kilometres of Brasilia event (April 24), powered by a 5.7l Chevrolet V8.

In Brasilia, Vicente de Paula, Aluísio Albuquerque and José Minelli are working hard to run their own prototype. The tubular chassis will be powered by an Alfa Romeo V6 engine from 164 model and a Hewland FT-200 gearbox. The Minelli’s debut is also expected to be at the 1000 Kilometres of Brasilia.

Far way from Brasilia, in the middle of São Paulo, Adilson Ayres, who worked in the past for the Fittipaldi F1 programme - and with Nelson Piquet when he won the Mil Milhas - is also building a prototype. The Ayres 001 is going to be powered by a Nissan V6 biturbo engine and will be fitted with a Hewland DG300. Adilson Ayres hopes to employ two professional drivers, for the Mil Milhas event early next year.


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