dsc In Post-Christmas Week
We will of course bring you any major breaking news from December 27 through to New Year – but next week will principally see us announcing our 2004 Awards, and bringing you some post-Christmas quiz questions.

dailysportscar.comEvery day from Monday the 27th, we’ll be posting a set of questions to get your grey matter working. There will be picture questions too - some easy, some a little more difficult.

Try it out for fun initially, but if you think you’ve got a good score after all seven instalments, let us know at graham@dailysportscar.net - giving the (hopefully) correct answers and we’ll send the top scorers a selection of goodies from a bumper prize bundle, including:

Very Limited Edition Corvette Racing GTS Winner T-Shirts
Embassy Racing DVDs
FIA GT Season Review CDs
TOCA Race Driver 2 Video Game
dsc Car Stickers
and anything else we can come up with in the meantime.

December 25 and 26 will be very quiet here – in fact we won’t be posting anything at all for two whole days. 363 days’ worth of news is enough isn’t it?

We haven’t finished with Christmas Eve yet though…

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm during a highly eventful year: every one of you is an important part of this ‘club’ of ours. Let’s all have a great 2005.



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