A Famous 240Z & A Drifter
We’re struggling to see how this ‘drifting’ craze fits in with modern motorsport, but it certainly seems popular with the fans. Is this the same demographic that is likely to follow the ALMS though, for example?

Peter Brock was present for the JGTC USA event at Fontana, and he forwards these two images. The first shows one of the top Japanese ‘drifters’ that crossed the Pacific for the event.

“A fun show, lots of people…look at the grandstands. Packed. Lots of cheering and hoopla,” says Peter Brock.

Ah, but a good number of them left well before the end of the JGTC race, didn’t they, unable to follow the race without a scoring tower? The event didn’t seem quite geared up to keep the locals informed.

“It’s not racing, but a fun circus atmosphere with lots of “action”,” concludes Peter Brock.

The second image is much more ‘us’.

“A local Datsun (Nissan) enthusiast brought his exact replica (the original was destroyed in a crash after the end of the ’72 season) of my BRE 240Z team car, the one that John Morton used to win the 71-72 SCCA National Championships,” explains P. Brock. “Rather an interesting comparison with the latest “works” Nissan racer, isn’t it?”

Thanks Peter. Keep us posted on Superformance developments, please.




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