104 Thank Yous
And A Very Merry Christmas From Us

There are 104 people on this list (below): that’s 104 people who have somehow contributed something – or an awful lot – to this website.

That figure is proof of the commitment that so many people show towards the best form of racing. We haven’t included PR people, drivers or team members on this list, and it goes without saying that we value your roles in the sport too.

To all of you, this is a time for us at dailysportscar to express our thanks to you, for helping to spread the word about our beloved sportscar racing. Our thanks also go out to every one of our subscribers, for helping us to keep on doing this.

Let’s all have a fantastic 2005.
Malcolm Cracknell
Graham Goodwin
David Lord

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"Daddy, who's the driver on top of the tree?"



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