Ortelli Is Porsche Cup Winner
Stephane Ortelli will be awarded the Porsche Cup on Saturday evening, December 18, at Porsche’s awards ceremony, the little Frenchman taking the title ahead of Craig Stanton and Emmanuel Collard.

dailysportscar.comThe full list of the top 15 Porsche drivers (in non-factory cars) reads as follows
1 Stephane Ortelli
2 Craig Stanton
3 Emmanuel Collard
4 David Murry
5 Johannes van Overbeek
6 Darren Law
7 Patrick Long
8 Tim Sugden
=9 Christian Ried / Gerold Ried
11 Cort Wagner
12 Alexei Vassiliev
13 Jonathan Cocker
14 Justin Jackson
15 Nikolaj Fomenko.

The significant regulation is that “results achieved with a factory car entered by Porsche or put at an entrant’s disposal on Porsche’s account will not be scored.”

Points are awarded according to finishing position and the coefficient of each race. For example, Le Mans, Daytona, Spa, Sebring and PLM all count with a coefficient of 50, FIA GT races have a 40 coefficient, as do LMES and ALMS events, while Grand Am races count as 20 in GT, 15 in SGS.

JGTC, British, Spanish, French, Italian and Swedish series all count 20 too.

Recent winners of the award include Marc Lieb, Kevin Buckler, Wolfgang Kaufmann, Mike Fitzgerald and Cort Wagner. Bob Wollek has taken the trophy seven times.


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