JGTC Hits The USA This Weekend
The GT series with the biggest and most diverse grids of any on the planet hits California this weekend with the JGTC regulars in party mood for Saturday’s JGTC-All Star 200, the first ever race that the JGTC will run into darkness. The weekend action will continue on Sunday, with a pair of 24 minute sprint races on a shorter course.

With up to 14 of the storming GT500 runners coming out to play, including representatives of all three of the factory-backed marques (Honda, Nissan and Toyota), coupled with 10 of the very rapid GT300 regulars (including the unique, British-built Garaiya, and the pretty little, also British-built, VEMAC), there will be plenty to interest fans - and those who are keeping a weather eye on developments in the Global GT racing scene.

With the JGTC organisers clearly intending to export their own, very successful, brand of GT racing to new markets, and the European promoters looking carefully at the options for a Global GT series, this is a very interesting toe in the water, for the series that is emerging from the shadows to become perhaps a major player on the world scene.

Will the Japanese race cars prove as popular with the American public as their road car brethren? And will the Fontana crowds come close to the tens of thousands that regularly pack the grandstands when the JGTC plays at home? The answers to both questions will be of more than passing interest to motorsport’s movers and shakers.

Apparently a staggering 550 media credentials have been approved for this meeting – which includes our Gary Horrocks. 550 is rather more than attended the most recent ‘sportscar’ event at Fontana: does this make it more popular in the US than F1?

Gary will be fighting off the massed ranks of the media to get to Juichi Wakasaka and Akira Iida (or just practising how to pronounce/spell their names!), so we won’t post his report until Monday, but we do hope to bring you times and results quicker than that. This is the likely GT500 entry (below), although it’s odd that it still doesn’t seem to be confirmed.

And don’t forget… “For the tuner freaks, we’ll have a tuner time attack and the Turbo High-Tech Performance dyno challenge….” and... "you can hang with the race queens during our JGTC Pit Walk." Blimey!


GT500 Entry
1 Xanavi NISMO Z Satoshi Motoyama / Richard Lyons
3 G'ZOX SSR Hasemi Z Toshihiro Kaneishi / Erik Comas
6 Esso Ultraflo Supra Juichi Wakisaka / Akira Iida
8 ARTA NSX Katsutomo Kaneishi / Daisuke Ito
12 Calsonic Impul Z Benoit Treluyer / Yuji Ide
18 Takata Dome NSX Ryo Michigami / Sebastien Philippe
21 Ferrari 550GTS Maranello Hidetoshi Mitsusada / Tadao Uematsu
22 Motul Pitwork Z Masami Kageyama / Michael Krumm
25 Eclipse Advan Supra Manabu Orido / Dominik Schwager
32 Epson NSX Tsugio Matsuda / Andre Lotterer
35 Yellow Hat YMS Supra Naoki Hattori / Shigekazu Wakisaka
36 Woodone Tom's Supra Takeshi Tsuchiya / Marco Apicella
37 Dynacity Tom's Supra James Courtney / Tatsuya Kataoka
38 au Cerumo Supra Yuji Tachikawa / Seiji Ara
39 Denso Sard Supra GT Jeremie Dufour / Andre Couto
100 Raybrig NSX Shinji Nakano / Hiroki Kato


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