Graham Nash – Former Supervan Owner
Posting a news item yesterday regarding Supervan 2, the DFL-engined ‘Transit’ has now brought to light the fact that Graham Nash was once the owner of Supervan 1, the original.“It was a mega van,” says the GNM team owner. “I owned it in 1977 – ’78, and it had 15 inch magnesium wheels all round, a gear lever on the right for the ZF ‘box, while under the bonnet there was just the three master cylinders and a huge alloy radiator.

“I’m not sure if the uprights were GT40 or Lola, but it had AP 4 pot calipers the size of a small bungalow!”

The ZF gearbox was ultimately its downfall, as Graham explains.

“I bought it when I was much younger, a whippet of a lad, at a time when I was still drag racing with my bikes. It was built by Drury Racing, and I suppose Ford had finished with it – so I bought it. I was going to do all sorts of things with it, but sold it to start up in business.

“The guy who bought it from me kept it intact for six months, then took the ‘box out of it and sold it, to go into a GT40. That was it – the remains were scrapped.

“When Ford had Supervan 3 built, with the HB engine, they were trying to find the first one, but it was long gone by then.

“It was measured at 158 mph down the Hangar Straight in the early ‘70s. When you opened the rear doors, you saw a V8 and ZF transaxle, with a GT40 header arrangement - and a pair of megaphones sticking out in the number plate area!”

A quarter of a century later, and Graham Nash is still looking after Ford V8s – in the back end of Saleen S7-Rs. He admits that he never drove the Supervan on the track, so that can't be him in the photograph - waving the right front at Copse?


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