Short – Bahrain To California
How does British GT news in late August possibly overlap with California news in early December – and where does Bahrain fit in?

dailysportscar.comWell, if you’re Martin Short, and in August you agreed to sell your Noble to a Californian resident (originally from Australia), and agreed to race it at Thunderhill (right) a week after Bahrain – it all becomes clear.

The man from St. Ives was desperate to win in the ‘snot-green’ Noble last time out at Thruxton, and very nearly did so – but with the car sold to Greg Ross in Santa Rosa, that was its British career over.

But by selling the car to the west coast, ”I got to drive in the 25 hour race and the lads got a week in Ca,” explains Martin Short. “Little did we know that temperatures would be almost identical to the UK!

”Our thoughts of shorts, suntans and Califonia girls have been rudely shattered! It’s more like hiking boots and thermals!”

dailysportscar.comRain would suit the Noble though (at Thruxton, left).

Final preparations by the Rollcentre crew are on-going, before heading to the track near Sacramento tomorrow (Thursday) – which leaves a day of sight seeing in San Francisco today for someone.

And where does Davy Jones fit in?

”We have George Nolte and Davy Jones also driving: Davy has been helping Greg since he started racing 18 months ago. They have all driven the Noble already, and really liked it, despite it being RHD. I am really looking forward to meeting Davy, who has been a racing 'name' and star for as long as I can remember.”

dailysportscar.comLeading Le Mans in ’89 was one memorable moment, of course (right).

”We are doing everything we can to get the car to the finish, including running on Toyo 'road' tyres rather than slicks, to preserve the transmission. We have no doubts that even on these tyres, the car will be bloody quick, it’s just that endurance thing that we really want to focus on.

”Sunset is around 4.45 and sun up around 7.15,” adds Shorty, so as at Daytona, there’s going to be a lot of night running.

The race starts at on Saturday. Like all good team owners, M. Short’s first job will be to drive the truck to Thunderhill – which looks to be a very special facility (with a very good website). Look hard and you’ll find that Flying Lizard Motorsport is testing there soon.


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