Provisional Entry List - JGTC USA
The event at Fontana on December 18-19 has a provisional entry list of between 19 and 23 cars (four of the GT500s are still ‘pending’) – although there is the prospect of some US entries joining in.

1 NISMO Xanavi NISMO Z BS confirmed
3 Hasemi Motorsports G'Zox SSR Hasemi Z BS confirmed
6 Esso Toyota Team LeMans Esso Ultraflo Supra BS pending
8 Autobacs Racing Team Aguri ARTA NSX BS confirmed
12 Team Impul Calsonic Impul Z BS confirmed
18 Dome Racing Team Takata Dome NSX BS confirmed
22 NISMO Motul Pitwork Z BS confirmed
25 Team Advan Tsuchiya Eclipse Advan Supra YH pending
32 Nakajima Racing Epson NSX BS confirmed
35 Kraft Yellow Hat YMS Supra DL confirmed
37 Toyota Team Tom's Dynacity Tom's Supra BS confirmed
38 Toyota Team Cerumo au Cerumo Supra BS pending
62 R&D Sport TBA DL pending
100 Team Kunimitsu w/ Moon Craft Raybrig NSX BS confirmed

2 Verno Tokai Dream 28 Privee Zurich Kumho NSX KM confirmed
5 Team Mach FC TBA YH confirmed
7 RE Amemiya Racing Amemiya RX7 YH confirmed
16 M-Tec Co., Ltd. M-Tec NSX DL confirmed
26 Team Taisan Taisan Porsche YH confirmed
43 Autobacs Racing Team Aguri ARTA Garaiya BF confirmed
63 Team Leyjun Leyjun Dunlop 320R DL confirmed
77 Cusco Racing Cusco Subaru Impreza YH confirmed
80 Team Daishin Endless Daishin Z YH confirmed
81 Team Daishin C-West Daishin Z YH confirmed

Both of the NISMO Nissan 350Zs are confirmed.


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