Stealth – Back In The Spotlight
Pudwell / Greensall To Belcar In ‘05

Terry Pudwell is a happy man today – and has been since last Friday afternoon, in Bahrain.”To be frank, motorsport hasn't been top of my list for a year or two, while I've concentrated on other business interests,” says the man behind the Stealth B6. “In terms of motorsport, I've mainly been supporting our customers racing in Europe (Holland, Belgium and Germany) with a spares and information service.

“But Stealth Cars is still in business, and last week was all about trying to put the company back in the spotlight a little, and to begin preparations for next year.”

The Speedworx Stealths should have been in the spotlight in 2001, a massive effort having seen two cars ready to go in the Interactive Sportscar Championship (above) – but that series folded almost as soon as it began.

We had the entertaining sight of Nigel Greensall and Xavier Pompidou going at it ‘hell for leather’ in the last race of the 2001 (PowerTour) British GT Championship – Greensall set the fastest lap (above), he chased the Chamberlain Viper for all he was worth for the lead, and he and Mark Pashley finished fifth – but the Stealths didn’t complete a full season in British GTs in 2002, and racing for the British arm of the company went quiet for a while. Then there was Bahrain.

“I think we achieved a huge amount in terms of putting ourselves back in the spotlight,” continues Pudwell, “and I'm absolutely delighted about the result. It's where the car deserves to be!

”Ian (Woody) Woodcock's boys at RSR ran the car as a precursor to running it in Belcar in 2005, and all in all we learnt a huge amount about the car, which is absolutely fantastic! I'm looking forward to working with Woody and his team, including Nigel Greensall (who was a star as usual) in 2005.”

Terry Pudwell had an interesting initiation back into racing in Friday’s one hour final, “starting from sixth on full tanks, on a grid of very quick cars and drivers, who'd all done at least 50 laps in the previous 24 hours, with myself having done just one slow lap in the past two years!”

It all came right though, Greensall taking over and coming home fourth.

”I'll make sure that all our new supporters (and there really are a lot since Bahrain) know where to go for up to the minute news and information,” says Terry.

dailysportscar.comThe least we at dsc can do is pass on Terrry Pudwell’s thanks to the Stealth’s Bharaini sponsors, Bahrain Duty Free, who made a financial contribution to the team’s effort last week, and also helped to retrieve the gearbox parts from the airport on Friday morning, just in time for race 3. This car will be a welcome addition to the Belcar ranks next year. (the B6 Sport road car holds Autocar’s 0 – 100 – 0 record, and has been timed at 0 – 100 mph in an amazing 6.31 seconds)


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