David Brabham was enjoying his week with the Coopers Racing Ferrari 550 in Bahrain, and immediately after grabbing the win in the final one hour race, he sat down with the Deputy Ed. for a brief chat about 2004, plans for 2005 and beyond.

First though how was the testing with the Aston Martin DBR9?“First impressions are that the car has a lot of potential, the balance is nice which means you can get straight down to getting grip in other areas quickly.

“You should bear in mind that we haven’t used ‘works’ tyres yet, we’ve really only had what I’d call ‘transport’ rubber so far, but we’re over in Estoril next week with Michelin, so there should be another step forward there.

“The car had some engine troubles at first but it looks like they’ve nailed that.”

I take it you’re interested in driving the Aston in 2005?

“Of course. I’m in contact with them and it’s good news so far, but there’s a way to go yet. The Aston drive is only a part season and I’ve got other irons in the fire.”

In Europe or America?

“I’m not telling you just yet, but if I do race the Aston Martin, it means I can’t do a full ALMS season with another team.”

Your 2004 ALMS season was a disappointment, what were the major issues with the Lamborghini?

“It was a real shame, the car looked fantastic but the weight was all in the wrong places, the engine was tall and mounted high up, the wheelbase was rather short - and all in all it made the car difficult to set up and difficult to race.”

What about the future then?

“Well, while I’m looking at several racing options. I’m also now thinking beyond my driving future and I’ve got a fair number of projects on the go out of the driving seat too.

“One of my big things at the moment is to put together a Brabham Performance Clinic, getting racers through the week and the weekend. It’s closer to mind management than traditional management. I’ve used certain techniques in my own racing and I think I can really help guys coming through, to show them how they can use the things that have helped me, plus other techniques that are coming along too. I’d like to work with three or four drivers, to do it properly and to get real results.”

Which is just what he and Allan Simonsen managed in Bahrain.


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