Bahrain Miscellany

Media Interest In GT Racing
The local Bahraini media took a very close interest in the GT Festival, with several newspapers (both English language and Arabic) featuring the GT cars very prominently in their weekend editions. dsc photographer David Lord was allegedly interviewed by Bahrain TV too. Wonder what they made of his Leicestershire accent?

Parts Supply Bahraini Style
The GT racing spirit is alive and well in Bahrain – after a tannoy announcement from David Addison requesting assistance for the DAMAX team, a locally based French investment banker donated the services of his Ferrari 360 road car as a temporary source of a wishbone - for the David Grace #53 Damax GT3 race car for the final one hour race.

Well done sir, but remember when you come to sell the car “Never raced or rallied” won’t (quite) be true!

The Richard Chamberlain Porsche 935 was able to finish the meeting thanks to a local machine shop that made a stub axle from raw for around £35, locals proving eager to help any team that found themselves in trouble.

The Dunlop tyre crew were in difficulties throughout the week: the ship carrying their technical equipment ending up stranded offshore after delays in the Suez Canal. A tyre fitting machine was eventually transferred from a workshop in Manama and trucked to the circuit, but other key equipment could not be sourced.

Vic Elford
Racing legend Vic Elford was in Bahrain taking time out of a well deserved retirement as a guest of the circuit, to present the trophies to the winners of the locally based MECars races.

Elford was delighted to hear a list of his career achievements read over the tannoy to an appreciative local audience, the source for the information being one Malcolm Cracknell, via Vic’s own excellent website


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