Capello & ‘Cappella’ Go Rallying
The Monza Rally Show began on Saturday morning – at Monza of course. Five special stages around the royal park got the event rolling, and it was very popular with Italian fans.

One of the stages used the south banking of the original circuit, in an anti-clockwise direction: perhaps it’s really only suitable for rally cars now.

“What are you doing here ‘Cappella’ (Luca Cappellari)?" asked Gabriele Tosi.“I’m the co-driver with Claudio DeCecco (Italian Gr. N driver)… tomorrow we will do one special stage each.”

Dindo Capello (right) is also involved, driving a Skoda Fabia WRC.

Unfortunately, Capellari / DeCecco barely got beyond the first Saturday morning stage before retirement in their Imprezza (Cappellari standing on the left, below), but Capello was initially tied for the lead with seven times Italian Rally Champion Travaglia, in his Peugeot 206 WRC.

The event concludes with three stages today, Sunday, and then the top 16 cars are paired off to go head to head. More to come…


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