Oakfields’ Ex-PTG BMW
Ian Donaldson started the first 50 minute Open race at Brands Hatch last Saturday (November 20) – in a very interesting machine.

We mentioned his purchase of this car (from Japan) many months ago – here – since when, the M3 has had a lot of attention paid to it.

“It’s chassis #2, a 2000 year car, raced by PTG originally. It was sold to a guy called Hashimoto in Japan in 2002, and Schnitzer did some upgrades to it before it went to race in the JGTC, in 2003. I bought it in January of this year.

“Dave Lampitt at SpecFab has since stripped it back to bare metal, so this is really more like the car’s shakedown. It was only finished at 5am on Friday morning.”

dailysportscar.comDonaldson had a puncture in qualifying, plus a slight alternator problem, then in the first part of the race in the afternoon, “it knocked a tooth off the pinion. They’re changing the diff. now,” he said, between races.

Donaldson, his son Andrew, and Guy Povey all got out in the second 50 minute race, “and now we know how good it is,” said Donaldson Snr. “We began on the same settings it had when it arrived from Japan, and all we’ve done is move the rollbars one click back and front. It’s very good over the bumps, very comfortable. I was going away from the Ferrari before the diff. trouble.”

2005 plans for the car? “We’ll be doing some endurance racing with it – myself with both of my sons (Andrew and Mark) and other races with Guy Povey and myself driving.”




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