Baja 1000 Fun
”Flat out in the dirt in Mexico - the best racin’ ever!” says Peter Brock, of his annual trip to the off-road event.

“Depending on who you might believe (as there’s no way to verify) some 300,000 to half a MILLION Baja fans made a big week of it down there, lining the road from Ensenada to La Paz. That makes Baja bigger than Le Mans or the Indy 500!“It was the largest entry in history with more than 60 contenders for the overall win in Class 1 and Trophy Truck (sort of like having 60 LMPS on the grid at Le Mans!). There were 300 entries in all classes, including the bikes.

“Lots of big names came down to have a run: Michel Jourdain Jr. and three members of his family teamed up to win the Baja Challenge class (Porsche powered spec racers), Sebastian Bourdais, Paul Newman, Rod and son Rhys Millen, Jimmy Vasser and the Groffs, Danny Sullivan, Roberto Guerrero, Elliott Forbes-Robinson, Robby Gordon (leading by half an hour overall when he got out of the cockpit to fly back for a NASCAR race - the truck lost its diff. shortly thereafter (with co-driver Steve Barlow) so they didn’t win, but still finished.

“One of the top desert racers, a guy named Herbst, won the event overall in a critter called the “Landshark” (a very famous desert racer).”

“The second photograph is of the Class 10 winner, Martin Christiansen. Class 10s are the equivalent of the 675 LMP racers at Le Mans: unlimited chassis, but restricted to 1600ccs. He’s the only BMW running the desert against a huge field of Honda and Toyota powered 10s, so this was really big win for Martin and his co-driver Dave Mason. They have won the Class 10 Championship for two years running but just missed this year by a few points.”

In related news, Peter Brock passes on the information that next spring (March 8 to be exact) “Dust to Glory” will be released nationwide in the theaters of North America. This is a feature length documentary by Dana Brown on the Baja 1000 …don’t miss it. “Best racin’ film since Le Mans!” says Peter Brock. “Dana’s dad Bruce did the legendary “On Any Sunday” about thirty years ago and it remains the classic bike picture. Dust to Glory will do the same for Baja.”


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