Team Griffin – A Viper On A Budget
Team Griffin’s British GT bound Chrysler Viper had another outing last weekend, in the EERC GT Open at Brands Hatch - in the hands of Julian Griffin and Neil Waterworth.

It was another rung on the ladder towards fully understanding the big V10 N-GT (GT2) machine.

“This is some step up from a Renault Clio,” said team owner Julian Griffin, “with such a jump in power and the change to rear wheel drive, and in conditions like we’ve got today (wet and greasy).

The Viper is in precisely the same spec. as it was at the end of the 2001 season and it clearly still has the pace to take the fight to the British GT regulars. There’s more to come though:

“There’s far more we could do with suspension, a rear wing and a sequential ‘box, the current gearbox is really not very nice at all; and there’s far more to come from both of us too,” added Neil Waterworth.

“We’re hoping to show what can be done in GT racing with the sensible application of a limited budget,” said Griffin. “The re-introduction of Friday testing is very good news because it allows us to learn more about the car quickly and cheaply. And if things go our way we’d like to take the Viper to the Spa 24 Hours and perhaps a Belcar enduro. Make no mistake, we’re serious about this, we’d like to work towards a programme that sees us with equipment in the future that would allow us to have a crack at Le Mans.”

The horrible conditions at Brands on Saturday afternoon were particularly tricky in the grunty Viper – especially as Neil Waterworth was suffering very badly with a misted screen in the first half of the event. Poor Julian Griffin didn’t get through lap 1 in part two, skating off at Stirlings.

New blood for GT racing, in a car which will draw a crowd – excellent news for the 2005 British GT season.


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