PK Sport – Back In Britain
PK Sport was a surprise but very welcome addition to the GT Open grid at Brands Hatch yesterday – Piers Masarati and (long time PK supporter) Steve Donovan sharing the team’s Porsche 911 GT3-R.

“It’s basically been upgraded to full GT3-RS spec,” said Mike Pickup, “this is the car we raced as #61 in the ALMS.

Despite an early spin into the tyre wall for Steven Donovan in the first 50 minute race, the Porsche impressed throughout the day with Masarati posting some impressive lap times, despite the rear end damage.

“The Ferrari spun in front of me on the reconnaissance laps,” explained Donovan, “then coming out of Druids on lap 1, on slicks with no heat in them, on the damp, I lost it under traction.”

The Porsche thumped the tyre wall backwards, but despite a bent rear wing, Donovan pressed on, only switching to Piers Masarati when more suitable rubber became vital.

Piers’ father Jamie, “tried to bend the wing back, but I wasn’t strong enough – but by the end of the first race, it had bent itself back thanks to the downforce.” Here's the rear end between the races, after the wing had 'repaired itself'. 40 minutes earlier it had a 30 degree bend in the part outside the right wing support.

“We lost it overall on the first lap,” summed up Masarati Jnr., but despite the damage, the car was ‘mega’: absolutely neutral, perfect for the wet. I love the wet anyway.”

A whole series of fastest laps in both races confirmed that he was in his element, consecutive laps just two thousandths apart being particularly impressive on the way to third overall, a lap down - and shedding some damaged bodywork on the way.

dailysportscar.comWe didn’t let Piers leave the circuit until he’d come up with the quote of the day – now that’s pressure! After dithering around with words such as ‘mega’, Piers produced what we wanted, almost by accident.

“You can’t do more than what you can do.”

That’s it Piers! That sums up racing perfectly. His best lap of 1:38.508 was 1.7 seconds quicker than anyone else. A TV interview with Andrew Marriott of Sky Sports beckoned, for the winner from Pinner.

Welcome back to the UK, PK: it’s been a tough 2004 season but the boys are still smiling. No concrete plans yet for ’05, but you’ll be the first to know. Meanwhile, Piers was off for a few beers (with Steven Donovan, below)..


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