Gollin / Cappellari For Brazilian Race
The 33rd edition of the Brazilian Mil Milhas event at Interlagos (Municipal Automobile race track Jose Carlos Pace) on January 25 next year already has an entry of 34 cars lined up – including FIA GT Champions Fabrizio Gollin (winner in Brazil last year, with Zonca and Lancellotti) and Luca Cappellari, partnering Gabriele Matteuzzi and Piergiuseppe Perazzini this time.

So it’s back to a Viper for the 2004 FIA GT Champions.

“Cappella” is Luca’s nickname, and it was he who ‘discovered’ Fabrizio Gollin – who had spent five years in F3000, but with few real results, and “lots of cars shortened and destroyed here and there”.

The 41 year old Cappellari has spent most of his racing career doing…motocross, but he fell in love with racing cars at 34.

Working with his older partner, Gollin began to focus on eliminating mistakes – but lost none of his natural speed. They soon became a formidable pair, with “Cappella” learning the intricacies of set-up from Gollin, and finding more speed too.

At the Imola race this year, Fabrizio was speaking of his American holiday, with Luca Cappellari and Lilian Bryner: Fabrizio’s English is not very good. He was trying to understand the meaning of the word “gonna” – but after some time, he still didn’t get it. Luca Cappellari, who speaks and understands English very well, said, “Hey Fabry why don’t you say to an American woman, we’re gonna make sex…” Now he understood the meaning of “gonna”.

They’re a very funny pair – but very capable too, taking on a number of ‘two professional’ partnerships in FIA GTs, on the way to winning the Championship. But for how long can they continue to take on ex-F1 drivers, and equally talented GT drivers?
Gabriele Tosi


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