Nannini, A Maserati & Paella
Fred Espinos was present at the final round of the Spanish GT Championship yesterday (November 14), and was fortunate to come across Alessandro Nannini, who was there to drive Gianni Giudici’s Maserati, with the car owner and Nicola Larini.“We wanted to eat paella, so we decided to come to Barcelona for this race. It is the most expensive paella in the world, but I’m really having fun here. I'm happy to race just for fun," said the extrovert Nannini.

Giudici usually races this machine in the Italian GT Championship, but an end of season event in Barcelona – plus paella – was all the inducement needed to make the trip across southern Europe to northern Spain.

Larini qualified the Maserati in sixteenth place, but the trio wasn’t happy because the car was supposed to be classified in the GTB category and the organisers finally put them in the GTA category, with the Vipers and the Marcos!

They finished the two hour race in 30th position - with three drivers they needed an extra stop compared to most of the entries – but that didn’t stop Nannini from enjoying the experience.

dailysportscar.comNext year Giudici would like to run the car in the Italian GT Championship, with Larini. They are expected to develop the car a little, and Nannini may race again from time to time, just to have some fun. As he explained, he has nothing to prove, he is just looking for pleasure.

Perhaps they’ll be back in Spain in a year’s time: they found a fantastic restaurant serving paella, very near the Montmelo track.


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