Vallelunga 6 Hours Report
Strike One For Laurence’s Lister

An expected win for the Lister LMP? Perhaps, but nothing was certain as they lined up for the start at 09.00 on Saturday morning. Both of the modern LMP entrants indicated that they were using the event as an extended test, but it was a much more successful one for the black Lister than for the (carbon-black) Lucchini LMP2.

For Stefano Zonca, it dispelled the dire misfortunes that have befallen him two years running at this track, in the Italian GT Championship, while his partner, Angelo Lancelotti, is a very quick man in anything.

The Lister led from the start, ahead of the LMP2 Lucchini, but the safety car was soon out, thanks to a spectacular spin for the Pettinelli / Reitano / Antonini Porsche. After the restart, the two prototypes resumed in the same positions, and it wasn’t long before they were the only two on the lead lap.

In third overall was the Perazzini / Matteuzzi / Cioci Racing Box Viper, ahead of the SR2 Lucchini of the Saccomanno brothers, with the Autorlando RSR fifth, driven by Jorg Bergmeister.

The second hour was marked by the LMP2 Lucchini’s retirement (transmission problems), leaving the Saccomannos’ Lucchini in second spot, where it would stay for much of the balance of the race.

Luca Riccitelli was up to third in the Ebimotors Porsche RSR, ahead of the Autorlando version. The 360 of Gianniberti / Campani / Rangoni had two big spins.

dailysportscar.comThe middle period of the race saw the retirement of the Racing Box Viper, while Autorlando led the GT runners again, after the Red Bull Ebimotors car suffered alternator failure. No problems for the Lister, with the drivers swapping at each stop, and easing out an eight lap (then 11 lap) lead, from the SR2 Lucchini: no contest.

The fifth hour began with the retirement of the CN4 Lucchini of Barisoni / Solieri / Vita, which stopped in the Tornantino. The #5 Tampolli had a big (Alfa) blow-up on the main straight, which locked the rear wheels and spun the car into the barrier, initiating another safety car period. The Lister led the Mastracci / Pandini Viper, the Autorlando Porsche and the SR2 Lucchini.

The last hour began with a suggestion of a slight problem with the Lister’s V8: “The oil pressure was peaking a little, so the drivers backed off,” explained Fiona Pearce. “Nothing serious, but we wanted to be sure we finished.”

A very good battle was taking place for third, between the Autorlando RSR and the Ebimotors RS of Pigoli / Villa / Ben: but the latter left the track at the Cimini corner.

The last hour ticked by, and at 15.03 the LMP crossed the line for the first ever win for the Lister prototype.

“I’ve never made a car that didn’t win,” said a buoyant Mr. Pearce.

Second went to the consistent SR2 Lucchini, third was the DR Viper of Davide Mastracci and Giorgio Prandini, with the Autorlando Porsche RSR fourth, led by Jorg Bergmeister.
Gabriele Tosi


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