Norma M20: New Look For ‘05
This week, Norbert Santos, the head of Norma Auto Concept, unveiled what will be the 2005 version of the Norma M20, the manufacturer’s small prototype – writes Pascal Thebault.

The first drawings reveal very slim lines, with a longer engine cover, resembling the body of the 3 liter cars used in hill climbing this season. Look closely and there are two options for the rear wing.

The cockpit will be higher, but the most spectacular change is the all new front end, in search of more downforce.

The ‘thumbnails’ of the ’04 models will help to reveal the changes. Norma’s 2004 cars can benefit from this aerodynamic upgrading.

15 cars will be built for the coming season. Most of them will race in the Van de Vyver events (with 250 hp two liter Hondas) or in hill climbing (the Honda again, or the 400 bhp 3 liter BMW M3 powerplant). It seems there’s foreign interest in the cars too.


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