Naming & Shaming
Deputy Editor Graham Goodwin spent part of his busy November 2 chasing up the news of the Project-X MG SV, for the 2005 British GT Championship. He spoke to Team Principal Paul Kneeshaw, and we posted the story on dailysportscar here.

It was therefore with more than a raised eyebrow that we discovered the identical text posted at an unofficial MG Rover website, one that peculiarly has a very similar URL to the official

Not only had the unofficial site 'lifted' (stolen) the whole, copyrighted, material, they'd even posted it on their front page - AND that page had their own © symbol at the foot of it. AND that site has no 'contact us' page, so we have no idea who operates it.

There is always a degree of duplication in journalism - other media outlets draw leads from dsc stories and we from time to time do so in return. This instance however was particularly blunt, not only distributing the story in full without attribution but even, we believe, sending it out as a press release!

We take a pride in our professional ethics - always attributing sources where appropriate - but as with any other business, we guard our copyrighted material very closely. It enables us to maintain the depth and quality of the material here and that is very firmly in the interests of you, our readers.

This leaves us with the question as to which dsc reader it was who has abused (stolen even) our copyrighted material?

Whoever it is should contact us immediately, before we take the next of several increasingly serious steps available to us.


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